Drew Latham
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Drew Latham (Character)
from Surviving Christmas (2004)

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Surviving Christmas (2004)
Drew Latham: Please! Please, let me stay here!
Tom Valco: No!
Drew Latham: I'll pay you.
Tom Valco: My family's not for sale, pal.
Drew Latham: I'll pay you $250,000!
Tom Valco: Welcome home, son.

Drew Latham: Hey, Dad.
Christine Valco: He's talking to you, genius.
Tom Valco: Yeah, Drew?
Drew Latham: Would you do me a kindness? Put this hat on. My dad always used to wear a Santa hat when we went Christmas tree shopping.
Tom Valco: [laughs] In public?
Drew Latham: Yeah.
Tom Valco: Yeah, that would be no. And in private, that would be no, too.
Drew Latham: Please wear the hat.
Tom Valco: No. I'm not wearing the hat.
Drew Latham: Tom, you gotta wear the hat.
Tom Valco: I'm not wearing the hat.
Drew Latham: Wear the hat, Tom.
Tom Valco: I'm not wearing the hat. Now get it away from me before I shove it up your ass!
Drew Latham: Tom, are you familiar with the phrase "breach of contract"?
Tom Valco: Give me the hat!

Tom Valco: I think your mom's starting to like your grandfather hitting on her.
Drew Latham: There's a sentence you don't often hear on Christmas Eve.

[first lines]
Drew Latham: Folks, my firm's done a tremendous amount of marketing research and we've discovered two critical things, one; most Americans feel that Christmas is a time for family. Two; most Americans feel that in order to stand being around their family, for even one or two days, they need to swill as much alcohol as humanly possible.

Drew Latham: Wow, I can't believe it. This is amazing. This is exactly how I remember it.
Brian Valco: You mean, you're saying it was always a shithole?

Drew Latham: Did you hear that? That stair squeaked. You know what we used to call that squeaky stair? The squeaky stair!

Drew Latham: Mom, you wanna stick with Doo-Dah?
Christine Valco: Why me?
Drew Latham: He's your father.
Doo-Dah: How come you never call?

Drew Latham: Hey, Alicia! Want to go toboganning with me?
Alicia Valco: Oh, I'm sorry Drew. Have I been sending you mixed signals?
Drew Latham: [laughs] You know, I just thought instead of maybe laying around the house all day, you might actually wanna have some fun.
Alicia Valco: No thanks.
Drew Latham: Oh, I see. You're afraid of fun. You don't like having fun!
Alicia Valco: Of course I like fun. Everybody likes fun... it's fun!
Drew Latham: So then, why won't you go with me?
Alicia Valco: Because it'll be with you.

Drew Latham: You do know that's a bra you're putting in Brian's drawer, right?
Christine Valco: Yeah, that's your brother. He's 15, he likes to experiment. We still love him though.

Drew Latham: It's fun just to buy shit sometimes!