Jazmin Biltmore
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Jazmin Biltmore (Character)
from Phat Girlz (2006)

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Phat Girlz (2006)
Jazmin Biltmore: I hate skinny bitches.

Jazmin Biltmore: Holy god, I'm as fat as Jesus' wife Lereznonda!

Dr. Tunde: I din't know they made such beautiful bodies here in America!
Mia: I'm really a world reknowned aerobics instructor.
Dr. Tunde: [pointing at Jazmin] Actually, I was talking about your beautiful plump friend here.
Jazmin Biltmore: Me!
Dr. Tunde: Yes, her!
Stacey: [to Mia] Close your mouth child! Flies might get in.

Dr. Tunde: But what about them?
Jazmin Biltmore: Who?
Dr. Tunde: Them!
[looks at camera]
Jazmin Biltmore: [turns to camera] Ohh, them. Uhh, for all of you freaky deaky, nasty minded voyeurs
Jazmin Biltmore: out there
Dr. Tunde: [interrupts] It's voyeur, it's French
Jazmin Biltmore: ...Okay, them too. Ya'll too. For all of ya'll out there wanting to see Jaz finally get her groove on,
Jazmin Biltmore: well this is PG-13. So if you want to see some more freaky deaky, go home and be with the one you love
[claps twice, lights go out]

Jazmin Biltmore: [to clerk at Fatass Burger] You're so ugly, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory!

Dr. Tunde: But I would like to ask you one question.
Jazmin Biltmore: [in her mind] Yes I would like to marry you.
Dr. Tunde: Why do you refer to yourself as bitch?
Jazmin Biltmore: What? Um, it, it's just an expression. American girls, we sometimes use it to refer to ourselves or our friends. It's a term of affection
Dr. Tunde: Okay, thank you for the explanation... bitch.
Jazmin Biltmore: Excuse me?

Jazmin Biltmore: I am PHATABULOUS!

Jazmin Biltmore: I ain't fat. I'm sexy succulent.

Chubby Geek: I hate skinny bitches.
Jazmin Biltmore: You took the words right out of my mouth.