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Capt. Matthew Yelland (Character)
from The Final Countdown (1980)

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The Final Countdown (1980)
Captain Yelland: This is the captain, I am speaking to every man aboard this ship. In the past few hours many things have happened; rumors of nuclear attacks and a third world war are totally untrue. We have no reason to believe that any aggression has been taken against our homes our families. I believe what we stumbled across is not man-made but a phenomena of nature, one that can't be explained. This phenomena is the storm in which the Nimitz went through less than 18 hours ago, the storm has had some effect on time as we know it, it created a portal, a door into another era. Today is December 7, 1941... I'm sure we are all aware of the significance of this date in this place in history. We are going to fight a battle that was lost before most of you were born. This time, with God's help, its going to be different... Good Luck.

[an F-14 pilot is reporting the identity of a pair of enemy planes to Captain Yelland over the radio]
Captain Yelland: Alert 1 this is Eagle 1, what've you got?
Pilot: Two Japanese Zeroes, sir.
Captain Yelland: Two what?
Pilot: Two Trophy Class Mitsubishi A6Ms in original condition, complete with all markings. I mean, they look brand new sir!
Captain Yelland: Have you been spotted?
Pilot: Negative, we're right in the sun at their 6 o'clock high.
Captain Yelland: Stay in visual contact, take no action without clearance.
Pilot: Wilco Eagle 1, out.

Captain Yelland: If the United States falls under attack our job is to defend her in the past, present and future.
Lasky: And after that?
Captain Yelland: After that, we take our orders from the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.
Lasky: Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

F-14 pilot #1: [the Japanese Zeroes have just destroyed the Yacht] They blew it to pieces! They must've hit the fuel tank!
Captain Yelland: Any survivors?
F-14 pilot #1: Stand by... Affirmative. One, two, three Mae West. Hey wait a minute! Those bastards are turning back, they're gonna strafe them in the water! Request permission to arm and fire!
Captain Yelland: Eagle Control to Alert One, you are clear to arm, but don't fire. Throw them off, play with them, but do not fire.
F-14 pilot #1: Affirmative!
[the F-14's proceed to intercept the Zeroes]

Pilot: [the Corsair is inbound to the Nimitz before the first time storm] Nimitz, this is 412, I have an unsafe hook indicator, over.
Air Boss: 412, roger unsafe hook. Recycle your hook.
Pilot: Negative, I've tried that.
Air Ops Officer: 412, your transmission's poor, say your fuel state.
Air Boss: [over the intercom to the bridge] Captain, Boss, that Corsair's in real trouble, can't get his tailhook down. I think we better take him in the barricade.
Captain Yelland: Rig it!

Lasky: Still think it's a dream?
Captain Yelland: It's a nightmare.

Captain Yelland: Lasky, you've been a pain-in-the-ass... but I'm glad to have known you.
Lasky: Thank you, Captain. I appreciate that.
Captain Yelland: Good luck to you
Charlie The Dog: WOOF!
Captain Yelland: And you, too!

Lasky: [a captured Japanese prisoner is holding a captive and is demanding access to a radio] Why don't you tell him what's going on here, Commander? You're an expert on what's gonna happen tomorrow; tell him about it, for God's sakes. Go on, tell him! We got nothing to lose!
Captain Yelland: [Owens looks at Yelland, who nods] Go ahead, tell him.
Commander Richard Owens: [hesitates, then looks directly at the Japanese prisoner] 26 November, six carriers left the Kuril Isles north of Japan. The carriers were the Akagi, Kaga, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Hiryu, Soryu. Tomorrow at dawn, these carriers will send 353 planes to attack Pearl Harbor.
Senator Chapman: [staring, stunned] How in the hell do you know all that?
Commander Richard Owens: Your code is "Climb Mount Niitaka." Niitakayama nobore!
[the Japanese prisoner, looking horrified, slowly lowers the gun and is shot to death by security crew]