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Winchell (Character)
from North (1994)

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North (1994)
North: Do I need a lawyer?
Winchell: North, this is America. Everybody needs a lawyer.

North: Where the hell are my parents?
Winchell: North, did you say the word 'hell'? My, the summer's really broadened you.
North: Winchell, I've got exactly 10 minutes to find my parents and if you don't tell me where they are, I'll show you how the summer's broadened me you little asshole!

Arthur Belt: This is working out bigger than we thought.
Winchell: Bigger than *you* thought. That's why you're only gonna be president.

Winchell: Now is the time to say, "just because you were born 25 or 30 years before me, it doesn't make you smart! It doesn't make you right! It just makes you look old! It just makes you smell worse in the morning!"

Winchell: As of next Monday, no parent will be permitted to see an R-rated movie, unless accompanied by a kid.

North: Winchell, you put out a three-page leaflet with a circulation of 90.
Winchell: Might even land me a Pulitzer.

News Reporter: Arthur Belt, the rising politician who drafted the bill...
Arthur Belt: [Winchell shuts off the TV] Wait! They were talking about me!
Winchell: Relax, Arthur, pretty soon you'll be hearing your name so much even YOU will be sick of it.
Arthur Belt: I highly doubt it.