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Quotes for
Murat (Character)
from Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (1982)

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Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (1982)
Murat: Begin to your famous whistle which no women can resist.
Ali: [Whistles]
Murat: You whistle it wrong
Ali: Why?
Murat: Skeletons came instead of woman

Ali: It doesn't seem it will finish, they are still coming, let's go over them.
Murat: That's what suit us, we must go beyond the space speed, be ready to welcome arrivers.
Ali: These are too ugly, it would be better if some girls come with mini skirts.

Murat: An unknown force pulls us to itself, we go far away from earth, our indicators don't work. I can't know what this force is, we are in a very dangerous situation, you need to be very careful.

Murat: We're going away from earth, we still couldn't get out of the domain of unknown power, typhoon 2 answer me typhoon 2, typhoon 2 answer me typhoon 2 answer me...

Ali: Man, I'm so hungry!
Little Boy: The lunch is ready. My sister has prepared.
Ali: What's on the menu?
Little Boy: Fried insects, and boiled snake.
Ali: Yuck! I won't eat that!
Murat: Come on man! If you don't eat, your handsome looks will deteriorate.

Ali: Do you think you are the man who saves the world?
Murat: As much as you think you are a womanizer.