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Major Zero (Character)
from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) (VG)

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) (VG)
Major Zero: I don't want to call President Kennedy a liar, but I simply cannot imagine that in six years' time, man will have reached the moon.
Naked Snake: I don't know, I never thought we would make it into space.

Naked Snake: The earth was blue, but there was no God.
Major Zero: Well said.

Major Zero: This is one for the history books, the world's first HALO jump.

Major Zero: Spread your wings and fly. God be with you!

Naked Snake: Real heroes are never made public.
Major Zero: Not in our line of work anyway.

Naked Snake: Home in time for dinner.
Major Zero: But if you fail you'll be eating breakfeast, lunch, and all the rest of your meals in the jungle.

Para-Medic: [On the radio] Snake, have you seen "007: From Russia with Love"?
Naked Snake: I don't like those movie. Real spies are nothing like James Bond. It's pure fantasy.
Para-Medic: Snake, I don't think the Major's going to like you saying that.
Naked Snake: And even though it's fiction. I can't help but comparing myself to Bond.
Major Zero: What exactly don't you like about James Bond? Is it the fantastic gadgets? The cars? The guns?
Naked Snake: Major...!
Major Zero: Snake, wouldn't you like to have a gun shaped like a pen?
Naked Snake: What good is a pen going to do me in the jungle? I'd look like a fool.
Major Zero: Then what about a snake-shaped gun? You could make it look like you're grappling with a giant snake and then get a shot in on the enemy while they're distracted.
Naked Snake: Ok, now you're being ridiculous.

Major Zero: 007 is the biggest thing to come out of England since the Mayflower. I wouldn't be surprised if they made 20 more of those movies.

Major Zero: They're not cookies. They're scones.

Major Zero: The origins of afternoon tea go back to the Victorian Era. Anna Maria, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, was...

Naked Snake: I'm glad I'm not as strange as the Major.
Para-Medic: The majors not strange...
Major Zero: [in background] My tea's gone! Who's drunk it? How am I supposed to have teatime without tea?
Para-Medic: Well, not that strange...
Major Zero: [in background] My scone's gone too!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015) (VG)
Zero: This world will become one. I have found the way. Race, tribal affiliations, national borders... even our faces will be irrelevant. The world that the Boss envisioned will finally become a reality, and it will make mankind whole again.