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Naomi Hunter (Character)
from Metal Gear Solid (1998) (VG)

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Metal Gear Solid (1998) (VG)
Naomi: Well, if you come back in one piece, maybe I'll let you do a strip search on me.
Solid Snake: I'll hold you to that, doctor.

Roy Campbell: [Talking about Snake face his twin Liquid ] That's why we really need you for this mission.
Naomi: You're the only one who can beat him. Now that I've met you, I know. You've got something that he doesn't. I can see it in your eyes.
Snake: Why don't I find that thought more conforting?

Naomi: You mustn't allow yourself to be chained to fate, to be ruled by your genes. Human beings can choose the kind of life that they want to live. What's important is that you choose life... and then live.

Dr. Naomi Hunter: Are you smoking?
Solid Snake: Yeah, so what?
Dr. Naomi Hunter: Didn't you know that cigarettes contain benzopyrene, a chemical that leads to lung cancer? We now know that when benzopyrene enters the body, it changes to benzopyrene diolepoxide and attaches to the receptors on the P53 gene, the gene which causes lung cancer. The BPDE attaches to the P53 gene in three specific locations and causes pre-cancerous changes to the lung tissue.
Solid Snake: You know a lot about science, but you don't know how good a cigarette tastes in the morning.

Naomi: Live Snake... that's all I can tell you.

Roy Campbell: You okay, Snake?
Snake: I'm not the right guy. I can't save the world.
Naomi: What's wrong?
Snake: I gave into the pain. I'm sorry, Colonel. I sacrificed Meryl to save myself...
Roy Campbell: Snake... She was a soldier. She knew the risks. Battlefield casualties are always tragic, but they're an unavoidable part of war.
Naomi: Don't blame yourself. You still have a mission to do.