Alain Lefevre
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Alain Lefevre (Character)
from Legionnaire (1998)

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Legionnaire (1998)
Alain Lefevre: The Legion is a family!

[In the boxing ring, Julot prepares to knock out Alain.]
Julot: Galgani controls your world now! Any last words?
[Alain suddenly counterattacks and knocks out Julot.]
Alain Lefevre: I changed my mind.

Alain Lefevre: When I first joined the Foreign Legion, I didn't care if I lived or died. Now that you're here, I think I'll stick around.

[Galgani offers Alain a bribe to lose his next boxing match.]
Alain Lefevre: I don't crash the canvas for anyone.
Lucien Galgani: You fight for me, or you never fight again.
[The legionnaires set out on their long march across the desert.]
Guido Rosetti: Hey Alain, how far you think this fort is, eh?
Alain Lefevre: I don't know, Guido.
Guido Rosetti: What do you think, Mac?
Mackintosh: [irritated] About a mile closer than the last time you asked.

Alain Lefevre: It's good to see an old face. Even as ugly as yours.
Viktor: [smirks] Still a comedian.