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Quotes for
Annelie (Character)
from The Invisible (2002)

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The Invisible (2007)
Annie Newton: Nick, I wanted to do one good thing.
Nick Powell: You did, Annie. You did. You saved me. You saved me.

Annie Newton: Who's the broken one now?
Nick Powell: You are. Still you.
Annie Newton: What did you say?
Nick Powell: Still you.

Annie Newton: Did he eat at all tonight?
Lindy Newton: [sighing, annoyed] Victor, you hungry?
Victor Newton: [Victor doesn't answer]
Lindy Newton: [Lindy shoots Annie a look] See?
Annie Newton: [Annie lunges at her] Get off your bony ass, and make him something to eat!

Police Officer: Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the car.
Annie Newton: I'm sorry, I can't. I've got to be somewhere.

Annie Newton: You don't have to look for me anymore.

Pete: Nick didn't do it.
Annie Newton: ...You're lying.
Pete: Don't believe me? He didn't do it. I lied to save my own ass... he was supposed to be on a plane. You killed Nick for nothing!

Annie Newton: If anything happens to Victor... I'll come back here, and I will kill you.

Nick Powell: They're going to catch you, Annie!
Annie Newton: Never! Never...
Nick Powell: She heard me? She heard me... you heard me!

Annie Newton: [Talking to her little brother] Come here little man. Do you know what I want more than anything? Don't be like me... I ruin everything I touch.