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Niklas (Character)
from The Invisible (2002)

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The Invisible (2007)
Nick Powell: [whispering to Annie] You are so broken.

Annie Newton: Nick, I wanted to do one good thing.
Nick Powell: You did, Annie. You did. You saved me. You saved me.

Nick Powell: I know this sounds weird, but you're the only one who can save me. How messed up is that?

Nick Powell: [after failing to commit suicide with a rifile] Shit!

Nick Powell: I'm alive... Holy shit, I'm alive.

Nick Powell: Should you be out here alone? Where are your parents?
Victor Newton: They don't know I'm here. My sister was supposed to bring me.
Nick Powell: But she didn't.
Victor Newton: She died.
Nick Powell: Do you think we should send her a message?
Victor Newton: How? What should we say?
Nick Powell: It's your message
Victor Newton: Hey Annie.

Nick Powell: Annie. I need you, Annie.

Principal Whitcliff: Anyone want to explain what happened?
Nick Powell: She, uh, finds me irresistible.

Annie Newton: Who's the broken one now?
Nick Powell: You are. Still you.
Annie Newton: What did you say?
Nick Powell: Still you.

Nick Powell: Pete! This isn't the way out! If you die, I die! God, Pete, you're my last hope!

Nick Powell: ANNIE!
[Annie turns and finds the hall behind her empty]
Nick Powell: She heard me. You heard me!

Nick Powell: I saw your face last night, Annie, and for a minute there I bet you would've traded places with me.

Nick Powell: They're going to catch you, Annie!
Annie Newton: Never! Never...
Nick Powell: She heard me? She heard me... you heard me!

Nick Powell: Oh that's right, you can't hear me, Annie!

Nick Powell: Your mom dies and your dad marries somebody else, and that makes it okay? Well you know what? Don't blame anyone but yourself, Annie! This is your fault!

Nick Powell: [reading poem for class] Day burns down to night, Burns the edge of my soul. In the night I break into sparks of suns And become fires in a dust of bones Night knifes My breath swallows whole my tongue Turn back Reverse return In the night I see the real Concealed in the day's bright lie Eyes stitched shut White teeth smile Sleep walks and talks And feet mark time of day

Nick Powell: Do you remember when my dad died? The first thing she said to me was, don't worry about it Nick, this won't change a thing for you. I'm like 13 right, all I want to do is cry, and she's thinking about my future? She's always had it mapped out. You know I stay here, I might as well retire and die. I mean my dad didn't even get to retire, he was 46 when he got sick... I'm not going to let her do that to me.

Nick Powell: [observing his mother] Don't worry about it mom, this won't change a thing for you. Got everything under control, right? You've always had your fingers in everything, you know. Fingering through this house... Me. My room?
Nick Powell: [breaking into a rage] Don't! Don't feel a thing mom! You don't want to ruin your face, your pretty face! I'm out there in the mud - I am dying mom! And you're sitting here with your briefs, and your herbal tea, and your books? I wish you could see me right now mom, so you know how sick I am of you! I am sick of you, and your perfect world! I am sick of you, cause it's not perfect, You hear me?