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Luis Cali (Character)
from Toy Soldiers (1991)

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Toy Soldiers (1991)
Luis Cali: What does your father do, William?
William "Billy" Tepper: He's a contractor.
Luis Cali: According to this he owns the third largest construction company in the world.
William "Billy" Tepper: Yeah, he's a contractor.

Luis Cali: Do you speak Spanish?
Ricardo Montoya: No, not really.
Luis Cali: [in Spanish] Put a bullet in him.
Ricardo Montoya: No, wait.
Luis Cali: Wait? What? You don't speak Spanish.
Ricardo Montoya: I'm sorry, sir. I do speak a little Spanish.
[Cali knocks his leg out with his gun]

Luis Cali: My father sent me to a school that looked a lot like this one. A military academy in Pennsylvania. Perhaps you've heard of it. The Armitage School.
William "Billy" Tepper: Yeah, sure.
Luis Cali: You really have no sense of discipline, do you?
William "Billy" Tepper: Look, I'm sorry about the shower thing and I promise...
[Cali forces him onto the desk and pulls out a metal pointer]
William "Billy" Tepper: Oh, God.
Luis Cali: This is how they taught ME discipline! And believe you me, I LEARNED!
[beats him with the pointer]

Dean Parker: They're going to hunt you down, you know that, don't you? They'll eventually find you and then they will kill you.
Luis Cali: You Americans always say that, but you never actually do it.

Luis Cali: What? Not proud of your father?
Joseph "Joey" Trotta: No.

Luis Cali: We're letting you go.
Joseph "Joey" Trotta: Why?
Luis Cali: Because we respect your father.
Joseph "Joey" Trotta: Fuck my father and fuck you too. I'm not going anywhere without my friends.

[Billy Tepper is late for the count, resulting in a count of one boy short]
Luis Cali: I *told* you what would happen if one of you escaped. Did you think I was KIDDING?