Lucy Diamond
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Lucy Diamond (Character)
from D.E.B.S. (2004)

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D.E.B.S. (2004)
[Amy fails to unhook Lucy's bra properly during their make-out session]
Lucy: Oww! Did you just snap my bra?
Amy: Er... no.
Lucy: Yeah, you did. That hasn't happened to me since sixth grade.
Amy: I was trying to be smooth.

Scud: Just promise me you'll be open.
Lucy: Open to what?
Scud: Open to love.

Lucy: [on an awkward first date] So, you're an assassin.
Ninotchka: Da.
Lucy: How's that work?
Ninotchka: It's mostly freelance.

Scud: You were dumped.
Lucy: I was not dumped!
Scud: Oh, you were dumped hard, and that sucks, but you took your time off in Antarctica or whatever.
Lucy: Reykjavik. It's in Iceland.

Lucy: Look, let's just pretend that we're in Barcelona, and you're in art school, and I'm renting sailboats to tourists, and no one's a super hero and no one's a villain, we're just us.
[Amy looks at her smitten, and kisses her]

Scud: Oh my God! What a disaster! I am so sorry! Leave it up to the D.E.B.S... your in a town a week and their all over you, grabbing...
[Lucy is sitting quiet with a little smile on her face]
Scud: What?
Lucy: I met someone.
Scud: [Slamming on brakes] I knew it! I mean the thing about the dance was a little wierd, but i had a feeling that you and Ninotchka...
Lucy: No, no, no, no, no Scud. Ninotchka was a train wreck thank you.
Scud: [Puzzled] I'm not following.
Lucy: Okay, but you have to promise that you're not going to freak out.
Scud: Freak Out? Why would I freak out...
Lucy: Well, ya know sometimes you...
Scud: [Freaking out] OH MY GOD WHO IS IT?
Lucy: What do you know about an Amy Bradshaw?
Scud: Amy Bradshaw? The girl from the smuggling op?
Lucy: No.
Scud: Oh my god! Amy Bradshaw? Blonde hair? Plaid skirt? She's a D.E.B.!
Lucy: So?
Scud: Okay, not only is she a D.E.B., She's THE D.E.B.! She's the perfect score!

Scud: [Lucy's gang is robbing a bank. Scud goes to inform her of the situation] D.E.B.S. en route - two minutes.
Lucy: [primping self in mirror] Do I look okay?
Scud: [rolling eyes] This is retarded.

Lucy: I didn't even want to be a criminal. I wanted to be a pirate.
Amy: [laughs] Pirates are criminals.
Lucy: Oh. Whoops.

Lucy: Australia's toast.
Scud: What's your beef with Australia?
Lucy: I don't like their attitude!

Lucy: Well, their poster child doesn't know it yet, but she's into me.

Lucy: I guess I'll see you around... 'same bat time' or whatever.

Lucy: Come with me. Come on, what do you have to lose?
Amy: Everything.

Max: If you break her heart, I will hunt you down and kill you.
Lucy: [smiles] Deal.

Scud: All right, then. We're going in.
Lucy: What?
Scud: We gots to get her back.

Lucy: [feigning pain] I just... I'm feeling really ill. It's my stomach. I, um, I think I have food poisoning.
Ninotchka: Are you blowing me?
Lucy: What?
Ninotchka: Off. Are you blowing me off?

Lucy: Okay, first of all, you are gonna have to swear to me that you are *not* gonna freak out about this.
Scud: Freak out about what? Why would I freak out?
Lucy: Well, you know, sometimes you can...
Scud: [freaking out] Oh, my God, Who is it?

Lucy, Amy: [Simultaneously] Oh god, I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
Amy: Oh my god...
Lucy: Shit.
Amy: You're Lucy Diamond.
Lucy: You're a D.E.B.
Amy: You have the right to remain silent...
Lucy: You're reading me my rights?
Amy: Anything you say can and will be used against you.
[Lucy and Amy look at each other with anticipation. Amy starts to look uneasy. Lucy gives Amy a look like she's just realized how cute Amy is, then Amy talks]
Amy: Okay here's the thing.
Lucy: Yeah?
Amy: I am really not up for dying today.
Lucy: Me neither.
Amy: So, I was thinking that uh, why don't you put your gun down.
Lucy: Why don't you put your gun down?
Amy: You're the criminal and I'm the cop, so I think I'm technically more trustworthy.
Lucy: So far I was totally minding my own business on some stupid blind date when you guys decided to rain shit all over me.
Amy: Wait. You were on a blind date?
Lucy: Whatever.
Amy: With that Russian girl?
Lucy: What?
Amy: Nothing. I just didn't know you were a...
Lucy: Why would you know?
Amy: Wow that really torpedoes my thesis.

Lucy: [while sitting on the couch next to Scud] Scud, I don't know how this happened to me but
Lucy: being bad doesn't feel good anymore.
Scud: Do you love her?
Lucy: [sincerely nods]
Scud: You're willing to give up all this, the life of crime, the whole nine yards?
Lucy: Whatever it takes.

D.E.B.S. (2003)
Lucy in the Sky: Are you saying you don't want to introduce me to your friends?

Lucy in the Sky: Why don't you want me to meet your friends?
Amy: I do want you to meet them. It's just...
Lucy in the Sky: It's just what?
Amy: It's just that they wouldn't understand.
Lucy in the Sky: Are you ashamed of me?
Amy: No, I'm not ashamed of you.
Lucy in the Sky: You just don't want your friends to know about me.
Amy: God, do we have to do this now?
Lucy in the Sky: It's just... I come to town, I capture you, we fuck, they rescue you, and then you're gone. I don't hear from you. It's not easy for me either, you know. I have to figure out all these nefarious plans just so I can get close to you just so we can...
Amy: I love you.
Lucy in the Sky: Really? Cause I didn't know that.
Amy: Now you do.
Lucy in the Sky: Tell me again how much time do we have.

Lucy in the Sky: [they are just starting to make out] How much time do we have?
Amy: Three minutes and forty-two seconds.