Alma Brown
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Alma Brown (Character)
from Hud (1963)

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Hud (1963)
Hud Bannon: Man like that sounds no better than a heel.
Alma Brown: Aren't you all?
Hud Bannon: Honey don't go shooting all the dogs 'cause one of 'em's got fleas.
Alma Brown: I was married to Ed for six years. Only thing he was ever good for was to scratch my back where I couldn't reach it.
Hud Bannon: You still got that itch?
Alma Brown: Off and on.
Hud Bannon: Well let me know when it gets to bothering you.

Hud Bannon: I'll do anything to make you trade him.
Alma Brown: No thanks. I've done my time with one cold-blooded bastard, I'm not looking for another.
Hud Bannon: Too late, honey, you already found him.

Hud Bannon: Give me a clean white shirt.
Alma Brown: Boy, you're real big with the "please" and "thank you," aren't you?
Hud Bannon: Please get up off your lazy butt and get me a clean white shirt. Thank you.

Alma Brown: I go in for those prize contests. "How Shinette shampoo changed my life" in 20 words or less. They give free trips to Europe but I end up with the fountain pens and the Japanese binoculars.

Hud Bannon: You're half native already. I've never seen you in a pair of shoes since you have work here.
Alma Brown: I wore'em once. I think to get married in. White satin pumps. I don't have'em anymore or the man either.

Alma Brown: [Hud has just parked his pink Cadillac on Alma's flower bed] Why do you always park that thing in my flowers?
Hud Bannon: If you don't like it, then don't plant them where I park.