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Quotes for
Halbert 'Hal' Jackson (Character)
from Made in America (1993)

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Made in America (1993)
Hal Jackson: Great advertising idea, lock the customers in 'till they buy something. I wonder if that would work with trucks?

Hal Jackson: Yeah, I read black literature. Wilt Chamberlain book. Changed my life.

Zora: You're white.
Hal Jackson: Well, that's true, darling. But when we're alone in the dark, what difference is that gonna make?

Hal Jackson: Funny thing, sperm...

Hal: What the hell's that mean?

Hal Jackson: Do you mind if I smoke in here?
Sarah Mathews: Yes, i do mind
Zora: ma, this is his office
Sarah Mathews: I don't care, this is my lungs, he can get himself killed.

Hal Jackson: [trying on a rhinestone cowboy costume] I look like my mother.