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Mayor Don Bottman (Character)
from Lean on Me (1989)

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Lean on Me (1989)
Dr. Frank Napier: Don, the man has a legitimate problem. How's he supposed to keep drug dealers out of his school if their buddies can just push open the exit doors and let 'em walk on in?
Mr. Rosenberg: He's got a point, sir.
Mayor Don Bottman: Rosenberg, this doesn't concern you.

Mayor Don Bottman: What do you want?
Leonna Barrett: Clark!
Mayor Don Bottman: Just like that, huh? Head on a platter.
Leonna Barrett: You think I got an attitude. Well, let me tell you what I think. I know why you like Clark. He's a guard dog. Does your dirty work. Keeps the black folk in line - that's fine. But you've got to get re-elected. I've got enough folks lined up with me to give you a DAMN hard time, and I will get more. I will organize. I will beat the streets.
Mayor Don Bottman: Unless I do what?
Leonna Barrett: Appoint me to the school board so we can vote Clark out. Otherwise, we'll just have to vote you out.
Mayor Don Bottman: Vote me out? You know, it's always good to see citizens avail themselves of the democratic process.
Leonna Barrett: My job's gonna be easy. You're not too popular these days, are ya?

Mr. Rosenberg: Mr. Mayor it seems that Mr. Clark's students have assembled outside in an exercise of their first amendment rights.
Mayor Don Bottman: How many?
Mr. Rosenberg: It looks like... all of them.

Mayor Don Bottman: We're in a tough spot here. I have to ask for your help, Joe. It's not for me, it's for those kids out there. They're highly emotional, they're all jacked-up. You have to send them home.
Joe Clark: I don't have to do nothing but stay black and die!
Mayor Don Bottman: Oh for crying out loud.