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Dr. Simon Ellby (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Mastectomy: Part 1 (#3.9)" (1979)
Dr. Simon Ellby: You know, we've never even discussed how you really feel about an extramarital affair. Does it offend you?
Sue Ellen Ewing: Well, it doesn't seem to be bothering J.R.
Dr. Simon Ellby: Sue Ellen, you're not J.R.

"Dallas: Divorce, Ewing Style (#3.21)" (1980)
Sue Ellen Ewing: You don't believe most of this, do you, Dr. Elby? That my husband is planning to commit me. That my little sister may be helping me. That I'm afraid to stay with J.R. And even more afraid to leave him.
Dr. Simon Ellby: I believe that your husband is capable of many things that most people aren't.