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Det. Harry McSween (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Blast from the Past (#9.31)" (1986)
J.R.: [Angelica secretly arms the bomb in her suitcase and hands it to J.R] This stuff looks authentic...
Angelica Nero: I guarantee you it is!
J.R.: You had me worried there for a while,
Angelica Nero: About what?
J.R.: About doing business with the woman wanted for murder...
Angelica Nero: I'm not wanted for murder... I am wanted for questioning.
J.R.: Same difference! If you weren't guilty. you'd answer those questions,
Angelica Nero: Let's just say that if I did not kill them, somebody else would have... they deserved to die! As do you and Jack!
J.R.: Does that mean you're going to kill Jack and me too?
Angelica Nero: Some day probably...
J.R.: [Presses his intercom on his desk] Well boys if that isn't enough I don't know what is!
Angelica Nero: What are you doing?
J.R.: Well I asked some friends of mine to come in to listen to this, just in case you know?
Angelica Nero: [Det. Harry McSween enters and restrains Angelica] Call them off!
J.R.: Well he's just doing duty, I can't interfere!
Angelica Nero: Call them off if you don't want to die!
J.R.: You get all you needed?
Det. Harry McSween: We got plenty!
Angelica Nero: You fool! You're as good as dead and so is Jack if he isn't dead already!
J.R.: Get her out of here!
Angelica Nero: I just want you to know it's too late! It's too late J.R! IT'S TOO LATE!
J.R.: [Angelica is dragged from the office] Too late? My God Jack!