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Quotes for
Donna Culver Krebbs (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Jenna's Return (#3.18)" (1980)
Donna Culver: [about Ray] What do you think of him?
Dave Culver: He doesn't say very much.
Donna Culver: Well, that's because he's not a politician. I mean, he doesn't talk unless he has something to say.

Ray Krebbs: What did you think of that movie?
Donna Culver: I liked it, didn't you?
Ray Krebbs: I'll tell ya, I was so busy reading the subtitles I hardly had a chance to look.
Donna Culver: It is a habbit you'll be getting used to.
Ray Krebbs: I don't know about that.

"Dallas: Sue Ellen's Choice (#3.19)" (1980)
Donna Culver: How is it you always know exactly what to do to cause the most harm, and you always do it with such unerring instinct? If I didn't know better, I'd swear you made a pact with the Devil!
J.R. Ewing: Are you trying to flatter me or insult me? I can't make out which.
Donna Culver: I can promise you this: Dave and I are gonna take up where Cliff Barnes left off. We'll destroy you!