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Biography for
Ray Krebbs (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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Raymond 'Ray' Krebbs was born on October 19, 1945 in Emporia, Kansas. His alleged father, Amos Krebbs, left him and his mother Margaret Hunter Krebbs when Ray was age 3 and at age 15, Ray was sent off to Dallas and to the Southfork Ranch with a letter from his recently deceased mother to Jock Ewing. Margaret first met Jock during World War II when she was a United States Army Air Corps nurse and later became intimate with him at one point during the war. Jock made Ray a hand on Southfork and told Miss Ellie Ray was the son of the woman he had an affair with during the war, but neither knew at the time that Jock was Ray's father.

Since then Ray loyally worked for Jock maintaining Southfork as its ranch foreman. Initially, Ray was a bit of a rogue and in 1978 he was secretly dating Jock's teenaged grand-daughter Lucy Ewing, the daughter of Jock's second (and alcoholic) son Gary Ewing and his wife Valene Clemens-Ewing, and was friends with J.R. during this early time and collaborating with him to break up J.R's younger brother Bobby and his new wife (and Ray's old flame) Pamela Barnes-Ewing. Despite this, Ray had a good heart, and became a trusted, loyal and upstanding friend of the Ewing family.

One day in April 1978 a bad storm had blown into the Dallas area, along with two men from Waco who look to get even with J.R. and Ray, who seemingly took advantage of their own women. With the hands off for the day to attend a festival in San Antonio, Southfork looked deserted when the men, packing guns, hold Pam, Sue Ellen, Lucy & Miss Ellie, who was sick with the flu, hostage, along with J.R. & Ray. Luckily Jock & Bobby, who were both stuck at Ewing Oil during the storm, arrive home and rescues them all.

But J.R. and Ray's friendship ended when Ray was tipped off by Lucy that J.R. was having an affair with a female country singer named Garnet McGee, whom Ray was attracted to. Finding the two of them together in Garnet's motel room, Ray started beating J.R. to a pulp until Bobby, who was also informed by Lucy, arrived and stopped Ray. After the incident Bobby later told J.R. that he had an uncanny knack of turning every friend he's ever had into an enemy.

Eventually, Amos Krebbs resurfaced in 1980 to reveal that Ray's father was Jock Ewing. Jock welcomed Ray into the Ewing family with open arms (except for J.R., who still regarded Ray as "the help"). Because of the incestuous implications, Ray's prior relationship with Lucy was never referenced again as Ray eventually found happiness with politician and the widow of former Texas governor Sam Culver, Donna Culver and they married in 1981.

That same year Jock was down in South America on government business, and was enroute back to Dallas when the helicopter he was on collided with a small plane and crashed into a lake and he was reported missing. Ray accompanied Bobby and J.R. in the search for their father but, though they located the crash site, their was no sign of Jock himself. Though Bobby accepted the fact that Jock was dead after he had found his father's solid gold lion-head pendant in the lake, J.R. and Ray refused to believe he was gone and both had a hard time in those days after to accept it. But eventually they both came aound and got on with their lives.

In 1982, while he & Donna were visiting with his aunt, Lil Trotter back home in Emporia, Ray agreed to take her rebellious son, Mickey, who was constantly getting into trouble, back with him to Dallas to try and straighten him out by having him work at Southfork. Though he was still getting into trouble when he first moved to Dallas, Mickey later became smitten with Lucy and was on the road to reforming when, asked by Lucy, Mickey climbed into the passenger side of J.R.'s car to stop a drunken Sue Ellen from driving after she had had a furious argument with J.R., whom she had just re-married, about seeing him in bed with a beautiful business associate named Holly Harwood at her home. Just as the car left the Southfork driveway an oncoming car rammed into J.R.'s car and it turned upside down. Luckily Sue Ellen had her seatbelt fastened and suffered both a broken wrist and cuts to her face. Mickey, however, wasn't so fortunate since he didn't fasten his seatbelt, and as a result of the crash, became paralyzed from the neck down and later braindead. Ray later found out that Walt Driscoll, a man J.R. had double-crossed in a business scheme, was driving the other car that hit J.R.'s car, thinking J.R. was the one driving. Furious, Ray went to Southfork to confront J.R. in the living room and blamed him for Mickey's condition. Threatening to kill J.R., Ray attacked him. During the fight a fire started in the foyer while both Sue Ellen and John Ross, who were the ony ones home with J.R. at the time, were asleep upstairs. Luckily Bobby had arrived home in time and rescued everyone.

Ray & Donna's marriage began to collapse and in 1985 they separated. Donna found out she was pregnant and Ray tried to reconcile with her, but she refused. During the "Dream Season" Ray and Donna adopted a deaf boy named Tony after Donna miscarried. By 1987 they had divorced and Donna had given birth to a daughter named Margaret Krebbs after Ray's deceased mother.

In 1988 Ray married Jenna Wade after Jenna had given birth to his half-brother Bobby's son, Lucas. Their marriage and the decision that Ray adopt Lucas caused some acrimony between the once-close Ray and Bobby, but they made amends and resumed their brotherly relationship. Eventually, trouble with Jenna's teenage daughter Charlie caused friction between Ray and Jenna. After sending Charlie to boarding school in Europe, Ray and Jenna decided to move to Switzerland permanently. Clayton and Miss Ellie Farlow visited them before they also left Dallas, tiring of the constant battles within the family.

In 1991 Ray returned for the final episode, and in J.R.'s dream, Ray has a very unhappy working life, having never found out Jock was his father. Ray is also limping heavily due to rodeo injuries (stock footage is shown of Ray in the rodeo won by Dusty Farlow in season 3). Seeing Ray working to make ends meet on a ranch and also in a bar (where he is treated poorly), J.R. admits, "I kinda feel sorry for him." Later in the dream it is Ray's birthday, and despite having a poor work life, Ray has a very happy family life and even has a son named Jock. J.R. seems genuinely happy for him, bearing in mind this is a dream. Ray also appeared sporting a mustache, something he never had during his actual time on Dallas.

In 1998 Ray makes a shock return (with dyed brown hair) in War of the Ewings when, out of nowhere, he helps Bobby and Sue Ellen in a barroom brawl. It is later revealed Ray is broke as the Krebbs ranch was remortgaged several times (it is unknown how Ray owned the ranch again as it was last seen owned by Michelle Stevens in 1991). Bobby helps him out until J.R. unwittingly helps Ray pocket $50 million for the land, which was auctioned to J.R.'s bitter rival Carter McKay. The land was valued at only $10 million, but happened to be a source of crude oil which started a bidding war between J.R. and McKay. McKay's bid won the auction, but J.R. later revealed that in Jock's will the mineral rights were deeded to the Ewings' trust, thereby making the oil inaccessible to Carter McKay.

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