April Stevens
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April Stevens (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Black Tide (#13.8)" (1989)
Lucy Ewing: [J.R. had called Ray a half-breed just before finding out James Beaumont was his son] Well, here you are talking about half-breeds and now you've got your own illegitimate son. Congratulations.
Cliff Barnes: Yeah, from me too. Although I'm surprised we haven't seen more little bastards come out of the woodwork.
April Stevens: That's enough.
Cliff Barnes: [to Cally] Oh, don't be surprised, honey. I'm sure he's knocked up at least half the women in Texas.
April Stevens: You're being a jerk, Cliff.
Cliff Barnes: Don't get high and mighty on me. After all, you were once in JR's stable.
[April smacks Cliff hard]