Pamela Barnes Ewing
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Pamela Barnes Ewing (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Fallen Idol (#2.12)" (1978)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: It must be a strain always being so charming and witty, Guzzler.
The Guzzler: Matter of fact, Pam, it is.

Pamela Barnes Ewing: Simmer down, Guzzler. I'm not here because of your charm.
The Guzzler: Well if it's not my great body you're after, then forget it,'cause it's too early in the morning to talk.

Bobby Ewing: [Bobby and the Guzzler are in the Ewing swimming pool] Come on, sweetheart, join us!
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Oh no, you boys go on and play, I'll go upstairs and blow up your rubber duckie.

"Dallas: Bar-B-Que (#1.5)" (1978)
Jock Ewing: [to Pamela] Young lady, you've heard his side all your life. It's about time you heard the truth. I put that claim in my name to keep him from gambling his half away.
Digger Barnes: You didn't leave me nothing!
Jock Ewing: I come back with the claim. He's drunk. He looks at the paper, sees my name, jumps me, tries to tear my eyes out. I was gonna give him half of the money.
Pamela Ewing: Stop it. I can't stand this.
Jock Ewing: How can he stand himself? He's been a loser every day of his life. Couldn't even kill me the time he tried.
Miss Ellie Ewing: That's enough, Jock!

"Dallas: Old Acquaintance (#2.3)" (1978)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: [close to tears] God, Bobby, I need you! But if you can't stay away from her, stay away from me!

"Dallas: Power Play (#3.16)" (1980)
Bobby Ewing: Dancing with your best girl sure beats fighting with her, you know that?
Pamela Barnes Ewing: I think anything beats fighting.

"Dallas: Election (#2.8)" (1978)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: [shouting at J.R] How! How could you have done it?
[turns to Jock]
Pamela Barnes Ewing: And you! You let him!
Jock Ewing: Politics is politics.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: And that's your excuse? For taking a fine, good man and destroying him?
[turns back to J.R]
Pamela Barnes Ewing: And you, you don't need any excuse. You'd do it for your own self-seving entertainment!

"Dallas: Act of Love (#2.10)" (1978)
Liz Craig: Not quite the glamor job you had in mind?
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Hmm. Well, I knew I wasn't gonna start at the top, I didn't think I'd have to look up to see a bottom.

"Dallas: Jock's Trial: Part 1 (#3.22)" (1980)
Lucy Ewing: Pamela, how's your daddy?
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Well, he's really very sick. Thank you, Lucy.
J.R. Ewing: You mean drunk? A lot of that going around.

"Dallas: Home Again (#2.14)" (1979)
Jock Ewing: [about Garrison] Been away for 40 years and all he talks about is Digger Barnes.
Garrison Southworth: Well, I see the feud's still going on.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Well it makes some people happy.

Dallas: The Early Years (1986) (TV)
[last lines]
Young Cliff: Come on, Pam, we're leaving!
Young Pam: [as her older brother drags her away] Bye, Bobby!

"Dallas: John Ewing III: Part 2 (#2.24)" (1979)
Cliff Barnes: [cheerful] Hi.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: [coldly] Hello Cliff.
Cliff Barnes: Hello Cliff? What is this? No sisterly peck, no warmth, no affection?

"Dallas: Mastectomy: Part 2 (#3.10)" (1979)
Sue Ellen Ewing: Well I have never met a man yet who thought of brains when he first looked at a woman.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Women don't just exist for men. We exist for ourselves, first.
Sue Ellen Ewing: Not if you are married to a Ewing.

"Dallas: The Lost Child (#3.7)" (1979)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Cliff, you are so consumed with hate for the Ewings, I don't think you know how to love any more.
Cliff Barnes: I learned a very valuable lesson about power from the Ewings: if you wanna help the little guy, you have to operate from a postion of strength.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Well, since you've had it, all you've done is try to destroy Ewing Oil.
Cliff Barnes: No, I've stopped the oil companies from raping the land.

"Dallas: Revenge of the Nerd (#10.22)" (1987)
JR Ewing: Well, last night we went to the Oil Baron's and we ran into that termite brother of yours!
Pamela Ewing: Are you talking to me?
JR Ewing: Anyone else in here gotta termite for a brother?
Pamela Ewing: Just Bobby.

"Dallas: Double Wedding (#2.6)" (1978)
Ed Haynes: Pamela?
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Yes?
Ed Haynes: Don't you remember me?
Pamela Barnes Ewing: No.
Ed Haynes: Well you should. I'm your husband!

"Dallas: Mastectomy: Part 1 (#3.9)" (1979)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Some women worry that if they aren't perfect in all ways, they can't keep their man.
Bobby Ewing: Well maybe it's time that... they understood that a man can love a woman so much that nothing matters, as long as they're together.

"Dallas: Digger's Daughter (#1.1)" (1978)
Pamela Ewing: Your folks are gonna throw me right off this ranch.

"Dallas: Love and Marriage (#3.15)" (1979)
J.R. Ewing: Say, you know, it, eh, might not be a good idea to leave Bobby too much alone at night. Know what I mean? Heh heh. Until he met you, Bobby was the stud in Dallas. Might still be, for all I know.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Maybe you haven't heard, J.R., Bobby's not standing at stud anymore. He retired when we got married. He left the field wide open for you. Of course, from what I hear, that still leaves the field wide open.
[turns his back on him to enter the house]
J.R. Ewing: Anytime you wanna find out, it can be easily arranged.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: [turns round and looks at him with a mixture of surprise and disgust] Don't bother, J.R. Even if I weren't married to Bobby, you aren't man enough.
J.R. Ewing: Well, I was certainly man enough for me and Sue Ellen to produce a son and heir. Something which you and Bobby seem incapable of.
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Sue Ellen and Cliff!

"Dallas: Whatever Happened to Baby John?: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1979)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: [defending Cliff Barnes] He didn't know anything about it.
Bobby Ewing: You'd swear he could walk on water if he told you!

"Dallas: Kidnapped (#2.13)" (1978)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: J.R., it sounds to me like Cliff was almost killed this morning.
J.R. Ewing: Killed? What, with me there, he was never safer in his life.
[gives her the old J.R. grin]

"Dallas: Fall of the House of Ewing (#10.29)" (1987)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: [driving in her car, talking to Bobby on the phone] The doctor says everything looks fine, he thinks I can carry a baby the full term!
Bobby Ewing: Oh honey, that's wonderful!
Pamela Barnes Ewing: How's Christopher?
Bobby Ewing: He's great! We spend the whole day together!
Pamela Barnes Ewing: You know Bobby we both better spend more time with him especially now...
Bobby Ewing: Pam, he's going to be fine. Now you hurry up and get home, if we're going to have another baby we've got some work to do!
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Well if that's the case I'll be home in ten minutes, bye!
[she puts the phone down and doesn't see a oil tanker has pulled out in front of her. She screams and tries to swerve but it's too late. Pam's car hits the side of the tanker and explodes]

"Dallas: The Ewing Blues (#6.14)" (1983)
Pamela Ewing: Power, money, and control mean nothing to me. I want a nice, ordinary life with my husband.

"Dallas: The Kristin Affair (#3.5)" (1979)
Pamela Barnes Ewing: But you know it would help if everybody wasn't under so much pressure from you.
Cliff Barnes: That is not going to change until I break J.R.