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Quotes for
Jenna Wade (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Jenna's Return (#3.18)" (1980)
Bobby Ewing: You really think my ego is that big?
Jenna Wade: Used to be.
Bobby Ewing: When?
Jenna Wade: I remember that day it made you really happy when I pushed Dotty Maypack into the pool because you asked her to the movies.
Bobby Ewing: [they both laugh] I was only twelve years old at the time.
Jenna Wade: Well, most men don't get much older than that.

Jenna Wade: You know, I think this is where you kissed me the first time.
Bobby Ewing: No it ain't, it was in a barn.
Jenna Wade: [giggles] Men! You never remember anything.
Bobby Ewing: That's not true. It was in a barn and I remember very well.
[gives her a little kiss]
Bobby Ewing: It was in a barn and I was scared out of my mind, and I was ten years old. Remember?
Jenna Wade: Hm-hm. I remember.

"Dallas: Sue Ellen's Choice (#3.19)" (1980)
Jenna Wade: Aren't you interested in keeping your husband? We're not schoolgirls, Pam. We both know that men like Bobby don't grow on trees.