Lucy Ewing Cooper
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Lucy Ewing Cooper (Character)
from "Dallas" (1978)

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"Dallas: Runaway (#2.7)" (1978)
Lucy Ewing: [to Pamela] This is supposed to be my birthday party. Grandma is making out the invitation list. Sue Ellen is gonna hire some old-fogy band. And J.R.'s gonna use it for one of his big deals. And now you're gonna buy my clothes. I HATE THIS FAMILY!

Lucy Ewing: Look at me! I don't take up much room, but I seem to be getting in everybody's way.

Lucy Ewing: Why won't any of you listen to me?

"Dallas: Triangle (#2.11)" (1978)
Lucy Ewing: [to Ray Krebbs] Look, I like you to be there when I need you. And I don't like it when you're not around.

Lucy Ewing: Ray, you're a fool if you're giving up me for Garnet.
Ray Krebbs: Honey, this has nothing to do with Garnet.
Lucy Ewing: That's good, 'cause you're not gonna have her for very long. J.R. wants her. What J.R. wants, J.R. gets.

Lucy Ewing: I want your help, J.R. I know you all just think I'm dreamin' about being a singer, but I'm not, I've got talent, I really have, I kow it.
J.R. Ewing: [interrupting] Now if I remember correctly, last year, you wanted to join a circus and put on black tights and dance on a horses back...
Lucy Ewing: That was different, J.R., I'm older now. I'm older.
J.R. Ewing: No, no, it's exactly, exactly the same thing to me, honey.
Lucy Ewing: No it's not J.R, please, just back me with granddaddy, he'll let me if you say it's ok, he will.

"Dallas: Bar-B-Que (#1.5)" (1978)
Lucy Ewing: What do you for fun?
Jimmy: [swallowing a mouthful of food] Pool.
Lucy Ewing: Swimming pool?
Jimmy: Shootin' pool.

Lucy Ewing: You don't like boys, do you?
Jimmy: Sure do.
Lucy Ewing: I mean... like them... you know, in that way.
Jimmy: What way?
Lucy Ewing: Never mind.

"Dallas: Survival (#2.9)" (1978)
Lucy Ewing: As hard as it may be for you to believe, I'm not money hungry like you are, Sue Ellen.
Sue Ellen Ewing: You brat!
[tries to slap her, but Lucy deflects the blow with her arm]
Lucy Ewing: That's right, I'm a Ewing brat. A born Ewing.

Lucy Ewing: [to Sue Ellen] I bet you're real sorry that you don't have a little brat of your own, like me. 'Cause if J.R. is dead, without a child you'll never have Southfork.

"Dallas: Mother of the Year (#3.13)" (1979)
Lucy Ewing: [Baby John is crying] Is little John all right?
Mrs. Reeves: He's fine, he's just hungry. I'm gonna warm his bottle. He started on meat today. He loved it!
Lucy Ewing: Of course, he's a Ewing.

Lucy Ewing: [about Little John] But don't worry about him, Sue Ellen, his cousin Lucy will teach him how to survive in this family. I'll show him how to grow up without parents and make the whole world pay.

"Dallas: The Silent Killer (#3.3)" (1979)
Bobby Ewing: You got books, Lucy? I thought you were gonna try and get through college without them?
Lucy Ewing: Oh Bobby!

Lucy Ewing: [talking about Kristen Shepard] Och, you know she's a witch, Ray. She's gonna cause trouble the first chance she gets, you just wait and see.
Ray Krebbs: Well, you're just worried about losing some of the attention around here. I mean, when it comes to causin' trouble, I think you want exclusive rights.

"Dallas: Second Thoughts (#3.20)" (1980)
Muriel Gillis: You liked 'Madame Bovary'?
Lucy Ewing: I think it's beautiful. It's a great love story.
Muriel Gillis: Hey... are you for real? It's like Dr. Forrester has you hypnotized. You're turning into a real grind. For the past few weeks, ever since we've started his class you've done nothing but talk about school!

Lucy Ewing: [about J.R] You know, I believe he'd really like to see me flunk out of school.
J.R. Ewing: Well, now Lucy, if you wanna be the first member of the Ewing family to get your Ph.D, you just go right ahead.

"Dallas: The Oil Baron's Ball (#7.8)" (1983)
Lucy Ewing Cooper: Charlie, that's an unusual name.

"Dallas: The Prodigal Mother (#4.9)" (1981)
JR Ewing: [after Mitch walked out on Lucy] Lost another one, did you, sugar? Hell, I got to hand it to you, you sure can pick them. A pansy, a crook, and an up-and-coming pauper. You are a veritable magnet for losers and failures.
Lucy Ewing Cooper: At least I can't do any worse than Sue Ellen, can I?

"Dallas: Royal Marriage (#2.21)" (1979)
Lucy Ewing: Oh shoot. My uncle J.R.
Kit Mainwaring: So what?
Lucy Ewing: Nothing makes him meaner than the sight of people enjoying themselves.

"Dallas: Act of Love (#2.10)" (1978)
Sue Ellen Ewing: [Lucy wants to have a car of her own] Perhaps we all think it would be better if someone else drove you?
Lucy Ewing: Perhaps you don't even think?

"Dallas: John Ewing III: Part 1 (#2.23)" (1979)
Ray Krebbs: Have you been drinking?
Lucy Ewing: [extremely woozy] You know I don't drink anything... but milk!

"Dallas: Jock's Trial: Part 1 (#3.22)" (1980)
Lucy Ewing: Pamela, how's your daddy?
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Well, he's really very sick. Thank you, Lucy.
J.R. Ewing: You mean drunk? A lot of that going around.

"Dallas: Rodeo (#3.8)" (1979)
Lucy Ewing: [Lucy goes up to Alan Beam after J.R. sends him away from the ranch] Well, I just wanted to say hi. Guess I'll see you around some time.
Alan Beam: Not if your uncle has anything to say about it.
Lucy Ewing: He doesn't.

"Dallas: Black Tide (#13.8)" (1989)
Lucy Ewing: [J.R. had called Ray a half-breed just before finding out James Beaumont was his son] Well, here you are talking about half-breeds and now you've got your own illegitimate son. Congratulations.
Cliff Barnes: Yeah, from me too. Although I'm surprised we haven't seen more little bastards come out of the woodwork.
April Stevens: That's enough.
Cliff Barnes: [to Cally] Oh, don't be surprised, honey. I'm sure he's knocked up at least half the women in Texas.
April Stevens: You're being a jerk, Cliff.
Cliff Barnes: Don't get high and mighty on me. After all, you were once in JR's stable.
[April smacks Cliff hard]

"Dallas: The Lesson (#1.2)" (1978)
Lucy Ewing: Lets go dancing.
Roger Hurley: [unenthusiastic] Dancing?
Lucy Ewing: Dancing makes me very affectionate.

"Dallas: Collateral Damage (#1.7)" (2012)
John Ross Ewing: Lucy, you were and always will be, my favorite cousin.
Lucy Ewing: [business like] What do you want?

"Dallas: The Heiress (#3.11)" (1979)
Lucy Ewing: [J.R. and Alan Beam's fight has made the gossip columns] Well, it says here Alan Beam would've wiped you out if granddady hadn't stopped him.
J.R. Ewing: It doesn't say anything like that.

"Dallas: Paternity Suit (#3.17)" (1980)
Miss Ellie Ewing: [the Ewing women are watching Cliff Barnes withdraw from the run for congress] Poor Digger. This must be a big disappointment to him.
Sue Ellen Ewing: Some people deserve to fail.
Lucy Ewing: Alan must be miserable. He really thought Cliff had a chance of winning.

"Dallas: Carousel (#12.1)" (1988)
[Back at Southfork Ranch in the evening. Sue Ellen is home to see Bobby that he's in the house to have a drink]
Sue Ellen Ewing: Bobby?
Bobby Ewing: Sue Ellen, what are you doing here?
Sue Ellen Ewing: [sighed] Don't condemned me without hearing my sight of, Bobby.
Bobby Ewing: I really don't care very much about your sight of it. You couldn't kill J.R., even he doesn't deserved that.
[Bobby sits down, read his newspaper, and drink]
Sue Ellen Ewing: [sighed] I think it's a little strange to hear to defending him, as well as you know him.
Bobby Ewing: He's my brother. And that's the bottom line. I love him.
Sue Ellen Ewing: Well...
Sue Ellen Ewing: they're very few people in the world who can make a statement like that.
Bobby Ewing: [sighed] What do you want, Sue Ellen?
Sue Ellen Ewing: I wanted to talk to Miss Ellie.
Bobby Ewing: What makes you she's gonna be any happier seeing her than I am?
Sue Ellen Ewing: I think see might understand what happened.
Bobby Ewing: Even mama can only turned the other cheek so many times.
Sue Ellen Ewing: I thought she might knew where John Ross is. I want him.
Bobby Ewing: She's in Florida. Clayton's gonna be bringing her home tomorrow.
Sue Ellen Ewing: [sighed] Do you know where John Ross is?
Bobby Ewing: No. And I'm not sure I'd tell you even if I did.
Sue Ellen Ewing: Bobby, I'm gonna get him back one way or the other. J.R. is hardly able to take care of him from prison.
Bobby Ewing: [Scoff] What makes you think that J.R.'s gonna end up in prison?
Sue Ellen Ewing: For killing Nicholas Pearce, that's why! Don't you think I'm gonna see him prosecuted for that?
Bobby Ewing: Well that make a wonderful headlines for John Ross to read, wouldn't it? Mother accuses father of killing her boyfriend. That's real love, Sue Ellen.
Sue Ellen Ewing: You don't know a damn thing about it!
Bobby Ewing: I know it would be hard for John Ross to live with that.
Sue Ellen Ewing: You expect me to just let him get off scot free?
[Lucy arrived in the living room and find out what Bobby and Sue Ellen complaining about]
Lucy Ewing Cooper: Well, if you're a better shot, you wouldn't have to worry about that.

"Dallas: Reunion: Part 2 (#2.2)" (1978)
Lucy Ewing: Daddy, I was just telling mamma that, since neither of you got married again, you both must still be carrying torches.
Gary Ewing: Oh, you see, if I carried a torch I'd have blown myself up a dozen times from all the alcohol on my breath.