Ellen Andrews Gordon
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Ellen Andrews Gordon (Character)
from Forget Paris (1995)

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Forget Paris (1995)
Mickey: I was thinking of doing some sightseeing.
Ellen: Sightseeing? In Paris? What a bizarre notion.
Mickey: Sure. You got any stuff here?
Ellen: Yeah, we got some stuff. Would you like to see the Eiffel Tower?
Mickey: That's here?

Mickey: We were great in Paris.
Ellen: Forget Paris.
Mickey: Forget Paris? How do you forget the best week in your life?
Ellen: Maybe that's just all we were - just a great week.

[looking at Rodin's "The Thinker"]
Ellen: Rodin never said what he was thinking.
Mickey: You see, what I think he was thinking was, "Goddam Rodin. Three drinks and I'm nude."

Mickey: Never say, "famous last words," because they could be.
Ellen: You're a disturbed person, aren't you?
Mickey: [Using the exact words - with similar deadpan voice and facial expression - of Jeremy Irons as the character Claus von Bulow replying to a similar comment in the 1990 film, "Reversal of Fortune"] You have no idea.

Mickey: [discussing the bridge from "An American in Paris", Mickey sings a line from the movie] "It's very clear..."
Ellen: Patton.

Mickey: [about Ellen's husband] Is he French?
Ellen: Yes.
Mickey: Is he handsome?
Ellen: Yes.
Mickey: Is he rich?
Ellen: Yes.
Mickey: Does he have a sister?

Ellen: Do you sleep with the window open?
Mickey: Yeah.
Ellen: I don't like it. You will have to stop that.
Mickey: Ok.
Ellen: Do you squeeze the toothpaste at the top or the bottom?
Mickey: Top.
Ellen: Don't do that I hate that. If you ever use my car, make sure the mirror is back where I put it.
Mickey: Ok, I can do that.
Ellen: All right. Do you want to talk about religion, politics, whether you want to have kids or not.
Mickey: Nah, that crap will work itself out, we are fine with the big issues.
Ellen: Ok, I'll marry you.

Mickey: [During a marriage counseling session] When I come home, I'm excited to see you
Ellen: You're not excited, you're horny
Mickey: Is that bad? Is that such a bad thing?