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Quotes for
Everett Calloway (Character)
from With Honors (1994)

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With Honors (1994)
Courtney: Hey Everett, can I borrow a condom?
Everett: No, but you can have one.
[Courtney pulls out a whole string of condoms]
Everett: Endurance test?
Courtney: More like pop quiz.

Everett: Oh sure, you're a mechanic?
Simon Wilder: No, I'm a Zen Buddhist, but that's close enough.

Simon Wilder: How many bottles of that wine would you be willing to give me to fix it?
Everett: To get this thing running? Six.
Simon Wilder: Eight.
Everett: Seven.
Simon Wilder: Eight.
Everett: Okay, nine, but that's my final offer.
Simon Wilder: Didn't you used to run a saving and loan?

[Courtney is in the shower calling Monty to come and speak with her]
Everett: Monty? Moonnty? Go get her, Monty, go get her!

Everett: My cock is cleaner than your bum.