Sue Lee Shelley
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Sue Lee Shelley (Character)
from Ride with the Devil (1999/I)

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Ride with the Devil (1999/I)
Sue Lee Shelly: Are you a virgin?

[discussing rumors of their engagement]
Sue Lee Shelley: So do you wanna marry me?
Jake: No, not too bad.
Sue Lee Shelley: Good. That's good news, 'cause I wouldn't marry you for a wagonload full of gold.

Sue Lee Shelly: [breast feeding] You always gonna stare like that?
Jake: Long as I can.

Jake: I thought you said you wouldn't want me for a wagon full of gold, cuz I'm a nubbin-fingered runt of a Dutchman. I remember you saying that.
Sue Lee Shelly: Well, I guess I lied.
Jake: Are you lying again now?
Sue Lee Shelly: No. I wouldn't lie to you, Jake.
Jake: You just told me you lied to me before...
Sue Lee Shelly: Well that's different, that was romance.
Jake: Now is what?
Sue Lee Shelly: The truth. This here now is the truth.