Mr. Richard Belding
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Mr. Richard Belding (Character)
from "Saved by the Bell" (1989)

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"Saved by the Bell: Save the Max (#2.3)" (1990)
Zack: [Talking about bringing back the school's old radio station with Mr. Belding] Sir, we'd like to put KKTY back on the air.
Mr. Belding: What?
Screech: [slowly] We... would... like... to...
Mr. Belding: I heard you!

1960s Principal: [During flashback in which Mr. Belding is a student] Richard Belding, this is the Principal. Report to my office immediately.
Mr. Belding: Man, what does that jerk want now?

Jessie: You were the Big Bopper?
Mr. Belding: I was the Master Blaster. The Boss.
Lisa: I thought Springsteen was the Boss.
Mr. Belding: Nah, he stole it from me.

Mr. Belding: [about their broadcast denouncing the Bayside School Board] You guys are irresponsible!
Jessie: We have an obligation to report the truth.
Mr. Belding: Truth? You and Pinocchio Morris?

"Saved by the Bell: Model Students (#2.10)" (1990)
[Mr. Belding looks at December in the calendar and sees his picture]
Mr. Richard Belding: [shouts] MORRIS!

Mr. Richard Belding: [laughing at Zack's suggestion to take over the Student store] You in charge of the student store? Why don't you just bump me off? At least it'll be quicker.
Zack: That's ridiculous, sir. I can't afford a hitman on *my* allowance!

"Saved by the Bell: Zack's War (#2.2)" (1990)
Mr. Belding: I am fed up with your wisecracks. I'm giving you a month's worth of Saturday detention.
Zack: Four Saturdays?
Mr. Belding: Uh-uh, thirty Saturdays.
Zack: Thirty Saturdays? Sir, can we negotiate? Hey I'll wash your car.
Mr. Belding: The last time you washed my car, you flooded the inside.
Zack: Car pool, sir.

Mr. Belding: I'd like to introduce to you Lieutenant Chet Adams.
Kelly: [Lisa wolf whistles] Lisa, what are you doing?
Lisa: I can't help it. He is so hot.
Lt. Chet Adams: Are you alright, young lady?
Lisa: Yes, Lieutenant Hot.

"Saved by the Bell: The Last Dance (#3.1)" (1991)
Mr. Belding: [Discussing the ball] And don't forget. This year, no Mr. Belding costumes. Mrs. Belding gets confused easily.
Mr. Belding: Oh, oh, oh! And all the boys who dress as girls must still use the boys' room, understood?

Mr. Belding: [Zack has suggested the gang's band play at the ball] Are you kids any good?
Screech: Are you kidding? We're better than MC Hammer.
Lisa: And I'd like to hit you with MC's hammer.

"Saved by the Bell: Driver's Education (#2.4)" (1990)
Mr. Belding: Morning, Morris.
Zack: [Still thinking about Kelly] Morning, my love.
[Both exchange uncomfortable looks]

Mr. Belding: Zack, you flunk Driver's Ed. You'll make it up next year. Now pack up your stuff and let's go.
Mr. Belding: [Turns to Mr. Tuttle] And that, Mr. Tuttle, is how you principal.
[Leaves the room]
Mr. Tuttle: [Imitating Belding] "And that, Mr. Tuttle, is how you principal."

"Saved by the Bell: Rent-a-Pop (#2.7)" (1990)
Mr. Belding: Alright, let's make this quick. I have a school to run.
Zack: Well, Mr. Belding, I think you're of one the best, no, *the* best Principal in the history of principalisms. Does everybody agree?
Jessie, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, Screech: Oh, yeah!
Mr. Belding: Zack, you're not a matador, so take the bull outside.

Screech: [Creating a diversion] Wait!
Mr. Belding: Not now, Screech, I'm late for an appointment.
Screech: Mr. Belding, come quick. Someone poisoned the chess team!
Mr. Belding: It's a sick world.

"Saved by the Bell: Fatal Distraction (#1.4)" (1989)
Mr. Belding: Zack, calm down. Just tell me who's threatening you.
Zack: Kelly "The Killer" Kapowski.
Mr. Belding: Kelly Kapowski?
Zack: Yes.
Mr. Belding: Excuse me for a minute.
[turns head to laugh]
Mr. Belding: [still snickering] What's she gonna do? Spike you to death with a volleyball?

Zack: Mr. Belding... quick, you gotta help me. My life is being threatened by one of your students.
Mr. Belding: Just one? You're losing your touch.

"Saved by the Bell: The Fabulous Belding Boys (#2.15)" (1990)
Mr. Belding: [Walks in on the guys practicing CPR] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?
Screech: [Jumps up from behind raft, having been pushed out by Lisa] I'm drowning and nobody cares!

Rod Belding: I cannot believe you're doing this! The class trip leaves in five minutes. They're depending on you.
Rod Belding: They'll get over it.
Mr. Belding: They look up to you. How can you disappoint them?
Rod Belding: You haven't met this stewardess.
Mr. Belding: You're doing this to see some stewardess?
Rod Belding: Inga's only here for the weekend.
Mr. Belding: I knew it was a mistake to let you come here. You promised me you'd changed. But, no, you still let people down.
Rod Belding: Richie, she's gorgeous. She's a 10.
Mr. Belding: You'll tell the kids you dumped them for some fling?
Rod Belding: Of course not. Tell them I'm sick. Cover for me.
Mr. Belding: I'm tired of covering for you.
Rod Belding: Come on, Richie. We're brothers.
Mr. Belding: Get out of my school, Rod.
[Rod leaves]

"Saved by the Bell: Beauty and the Screech (#1.10)" (1989)
Mr. Belding: Screech, you can't elope.
Screech: Who're you calling a cantaloupe, you melon head?

"Saved by the Bell: Pinned to the Mat (#1.9)" (1989)
Mr. Belding: Gambling is a no-no, and I am sure you know what that means.
Zack: Uh-huh. An all expense paid trip to detention, here at lovely Bayside.
[Turns to face camera]
Zack: The detention capital of the world.

"Saved by the Bell: Cut Day (#3.23)" (1991)
Zack: Hey, Mr. Belding. What brings you to study hall?
Mr. Belding: Don't get cocky, Morris. I've got my eye on you.
Zack: Sorry, sir. You're not my type.

"Saved by the Bell: No Hope with Dope (#3.21)" (1991)
Brandon Tartikoff: You know, maybe there's something here. Maybe at NBC, we should do a sitcom about a school principal and his kids?
Mr. Richard Belding: Really?
Brandon Tartikoff: Nah. It'll never work.

"Saved by the Bell: The Prom (#2.1)" (1990)
Mr. Belding: Now, Zack, I know that you and Lisa are in charge of decorations, but this year's theme is not going to be
[Holds up a banner]
Mr. Belding: "Zack and Kelly's Prom".

"Saved by the Bell: The Babysitters (#2.14)" (1990)
Mr. Richard Belding: [Talking over loudspeaker] Attention, please. This is Mr. Belding.
Jessie Spano: [Billy starts to cry] We feel the same way, kid.

"Saved by the Bell: The New Girl (#4.4)" (1992)
Mr. Belding: Zack, just because you always park your car in that same spot, does not mean it's official.
Zack: Then make it official, just like my seat in detention.

"Saved by the Bell: School Song (#4.24)" (1992)
Mr. Belding: Go to class, learn something!

"Saved by the Bell: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind (#2.12)" (1990)
Zack Morris: Cue the hideous creature!
Mr. Belding: [Mr. Belding appears at the door] Hi, guys!
Zack Morris: Cut! Wrong hideous creature.

"Saved by the Bell: Dancing to the Max (#1.1)" (1989)
Mr. Richard Belding: I can twist and sing!
Casey Kasem: Let go of the microphone.

"Saved by the Bell: King of the Hill (#1.15)" (1989)
Mr. Belding: [while putting on buttoned sweater] I'm taking a different approach with you, Zack.
Zack: [Observes Belding's sweater] You're gonna be Mr. Rogers?
Mr. Belding: You're in the neighborhood.

"Saved by the Bell: The New Class: Hollywood, Here He Is (#3.10)" (1995)
[Mr. Belding enters after seeing the disastrous first broadcast of Bayside Live]
Principal Richard Belding: Would someone please tell me what kind of show that was?
Ryan Parker: Uh... a bad one?

"Saved by the Bell: Pipe Dreams (#3.11)" (1991)
Mr. Belding: My hands are tied, what can I do?
Screech: What can YOU do? You're the principal! Aren't you man enough to scare anyone around here besides the kids?

"Saved by the Bell: Fake ID's (#3.9)" (1991)
Mr. Richard Belding: [slide show] Notice the use of shadow and light.
[Zack, Slater, and Screech are shown dozing off due to taying up late]
Mr. Richard Belding: [notices this] I said notice the use of SHADOW AND LIGHT!
Zack: [they wake up] Yes! Shamu has an overbite.
Slater: She's a whale of a woman, sir.

"Saved by the Bell: 1-900-CRUSHED (#2.11)" (1990)
[Jessie & Slater are at war with each other]
Mr. Belding: I wanna know what's going on right now.
Jessie: [pointing to Slater] Ask brillo-head, he started it.
Mr. Belding: Well, Brillo-He - -I mean, Slater...