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Peg Pete (Character)
from "Goof Troop" (1992)

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"Goof Troop: Calling All Goofs (#1.54)" (1992)
Peg Pete: Peter, if you're not going to help, please stay out of the way.
Pete: [anger building up inside him] The only thing I'm helping with is getting these Goofs outta here yesterday.
Peg Pete: [dominantly] Not unless you want to do your own cooking and cleaning and sunburn peeling forever.
Pete: Huh?
Pete: Well, uh, I suppose this thing, uh, thing coulda... When's this reunion?
Peg Pete: High noon tomorrow.
Pete: [to himself] Gotta hang on for nine hours, 540 minutes. Ooh, that's a lotta seconds.

[Peg sees Max and Goofy unloading their car]
Peg: What happened? I thought you were on your way to your family reunion.
Max: We're gonna miss the reunion. Car broke down. Took our plane fare to fix it. Mr. Pete said we had an upset battery.
Peg: Loaded repair bill's more like it. That tub of butter is not gonna get away with this.

Pete: [to a Goof relative] Stop! You've done enough damage!
Peg: Shh! Pete. That's no way to treat our guests.
Pete: Guests?
[protesting tone]
Pete: They are not staying here!
Peg: Oh, just until the reunion.
Pete: [freaking out] What?

[while Peg is coming downstairs holding a box full of balloons to get Goofy's reunion ready, she catches Pete attempting to bouncing out of the house]
Peg: [in a prideful tone] Trying to sneak out of helping, huh?
Pete: [stammers] I'm, uh, uh, just, uh, getting some, uh, exercise.
[gestures it]
Peg: Well, while you're huffing and puffing, blow up some of these.
[shoves a balloon into his mouth]

Pete: What's going on?
Peg: Just a little party.
Pete: [steaming up] At 2am o'clock in the morning?
[doorbell rings again]
Peg: [pushes him towards the door] Get that, will you, hon?

"Goof Troop: Wrecks, Lies & Videotape (#1.17)" (1992)
[Pete is on TV dressed as Goofy]
Goofy: Hey! That's me!
Peg: No, it's not! I'd know that jelly roll anywhere.

PJ: OK, Houston, we have ETA in approximately... 4, 3, 2. 1.
Peg: [to Pete] You miserable, cheese-eating pile of flap! You're own neighbor had never had a decent vacation in his life! His kid tries to get him one and you go and STEAL IT FROM HIM! Of all the low-down miserable NO GOOD...
Pete: But dumpling dip, I did it for you and the kids.
Peg: I wouldn't luau with you if my hula hips *depended* on it! You give those tickets back to Goofy and Max or you're going on vacation ALONE!

Peg: Of all the two-faced...
Pistol Pete: no good down daddy...
Peg: pot belly melon headed...
Pistol Pete: you, you, you Hawaii stealer...
Peg: vacation stealing globs!
PJ: Forgot 'slimy'.
Goofy: You mean, we don't get to go to Hawa-ii?
Max Goof: Oh, Dad.
Peg: Oh now, don't give up yet! You just waist until ol' lardo gets home.
Peg: I'll use my secret weapon.
Max Goof: What's that?

"Goof Troop: Goof Under My Roof (#1.34)" (1992)
[Pete has mis-calculated his property profile]
Pete: The Goof's just jealous on a count of it, because half his house belongs to me.
Peg: Oh yes, Petey. I managed to find a copy of the property profile. You must have read it upside down, Snu-comes. Because we don't own half of Goofy's house.
[yells into his face]
Pete: [shocked in disbelief] The Goof owns half our house?
Peg: But all is not lost. You've set a fine example for the children on how to settle disputes in a mature and grown-up way.

Pistol Pete: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mr. Goof and Daddy are playing in the garbage can.
Peg: [to Pete and Goofy] Well, isn't this a sight. Two grown men rolling around in the trash.
Pistol Pete: [goes over to smell Pete getting out of the container, and plugs her nose] Ew! you smell bad, Daddy.

Goof Troop Christmas (1992) (TV)
Max: No cabin, no food, no car...
Pete: So long, Goof. Have a nice hitchety-hike back home!
Peg: Fiddle sticks. You can stay at our cabin.
Pete: WHAT?

Peg: Pistol, why don't you come help me? You know how your father hates Christmas.
Pete: I do not! I just hate decorations.

"Goof Troop: Midnight Movie Madness (#1.6)" (1992)
Peg Pete: [Pete hit his head on a tree branch] Is there anything I can get for you?
Pete: Mommy, can I have a waffle iron for Christmas?

"Goof Troop: Goofin' Up the Social Ladder (#2.10)" (1992)
Peg Pete: [after Goofy unwittingly helps her gain entry to an elite club] Sprinklers? That's it!
[kisses Goofy firmly on the lips]
Peg Pete: Oh, Goofy, you're coming with me!
Goofy: [to Camera] Passionate, isn't she?
[chuckles, then is grabbed]

"Goof Troop: For Pete's Sake (#1.44)" (1992)
Peter 'Pete Petey' Pete, Sr.: There's a little guy across the street just staring at our house. He hasn't budged in over an hour.
Peg Pete: Pete, that's a lawn jockey!