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Quotes for
Pistol Pete (Character)
from "Goof Troop" (1992)

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Goof Troop Christmas (1992) (TV)
Pistol Pete: Here, Santa. You caught me unprepared, so all I could find were bagel chips and guacamole.

Pistol Pete: Whoa, do it again, Daddy, do it again, that was really neat!
Pete: That's it! FAMILY MEETING!

"Goof Troop: Goof Under My Roof (#1.34)" (1992)
Pistol Pete: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mr. Goof and Daddy are playing in the garbage can.
Peg: [to Pete and Goofy] Well, isn't this a sight. Two grown men rolling around in the trash.
Pistol Pete: [goes over to smell Pete getting out of the container, and plugs her nose] Ew! you smell bad, Daddy.

"Goof Troop: Wrecks, Lies & Videotape (#1.17)" (1992)
Peg: Of all the two-faced...
Pistol Pete: no good down daddy...
Peg: pot belly melon headed...
Pistol Pete: you, you, you Hawaii stealer...
Peg: vacation stealing globs!
PJ: Forgot 'slimy'.
Goofy: You mean, we don't get to go to Hawa-ii?
Max Goof: Oh, Dad.
Peg: Oh now, don't give up yet! You just waist until ol' lardo gets home.
Peg: I'll use my secret weapon.
Max Goof: What's that?