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Quotes for
Billy Parks (Character)
from They (2002)

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They (2002)
Billy: When you hear a baby crying, or you hear a kid crying, you keep moving, okay? Children can sen - sense them. It's your warning.
Julia Lund: Warning against what?
Billy: Also, they affect the electrical things. They affect the lights and the phones. They - they affect things.

Billy: [to Julia] They can't be in the light. They hide in the dark so you can't see them.

Billy: [to Julia] I mean, I've been doing research and reading... and
Billy: I don't think I'm alone. Poe, I think - I think he saw them too. His writing's dark and hopeless and he went crazy too and I...

Billy: I even tried to find out if there's other people like us. I made friends to see - see if it wasn't just me and you know what I found out?
Julia Lund: What?
Billy: Nobody can help me.

Billy: I'm scared.
[electricity buzzes and baby cries]
Billy: [Billy whimpers] I'm scared.
Julia Lund: There's nothing to be scared of.
Billy: You're wrong.

Billy: [electricity starts to buzz] They're here.

Billy: You remember those night terrors that we used to have?
Julia Lund: What, when we were kids?
Billy: [nods head "yes"] That's when they marked us. And now they're back.