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Quotes for
Paul Loomis (Character)
from They (2002)

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They (2002)
Paul: [after slipping Julia a pill] Okay, take a few deep breaths, okay? You'll be asleep soon.
Julia Lund: Asleep? I'm not gonna go to sleep.
[freaks out]

Paul: Playing a good game of pool's a sign of being well-rounded, you know.
Julia Lund: Says who?
Paul: Some dead English guy.

Paul: [Troy and Darren are watching the news on TV about rolling blackouts throughout the city] Speaking of, you guys pay the electric bill?
Darren: Well, Paul, you see there isn't... the issue here...
Troy: You know what - actually, we were thinking, like why should we pay for something we're not even gonna get, right?
Paul: You got fired again.
Troy: Yeah.

Julia Lund: Are you drunk?
Paul: I prefer intoxicated.