Walter Crow Horse
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Walter Crow Horse (Character)
from Thunderheart (1992)

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Thunderheart (1992)
Walter Crow Horse: License and registration?
Ray Levoi: Kiss my ass.
Walter Crow Horse: Hey, this is *my* jurisdiction now. And you were going 59 in a 55 zone.
Ray Levoi: Let me see the radar.
Walter Crow Horse: I don't need no radar, I can tell! I just listen to the wind; it said, "Fifty-nine, nail 'im!"

Grandpa Sam Reaches: Knock it off! Knock it off! You remind me of a couple of old women!
Ray Levoi: He speaks English?
Walter Crow Horse: Yeah, only when he's really pissed off.

Ray Levoi: Just before they caught Jimmy, I had a dream. I was running with other indians at the "Wounded Knee Cemetery". I was shot in the back.
Walter Crow Horse: You were running with the old ones at The Knee?
Ray Levoi: It was just a dream.
Walter Crow Horse: Who the hell are you, man?
Ray Levoi: What do you mean?
Walter Crow Horse: You had yourself a vision. A man waits a long time to have a vision, and he may go his whole life without having one. Then along comes some instant indian with a fucking Rolex and a brand new pair of shoes. A God damn FBI to top it all off, has himself a vision.
Walter Crow Horse: Oh, maybe it was just one of them, what do you call them? "Fitful dreams."
Ray Levoi: Yeah, fitful dreams.
Walter Crow Horse: Fitful dreams, horse shit! You had yourself a vision!
Ray Levoi: What the hell do you want me to do?
Walter Crow Horse: Whoa! Stop!
Walter Crow Horse: [They arrive at Red Deer Table] There it is, man. Red Deer Table.

Ray Levoi: Crow Horse, fuck you.
Walter Crow Horse: You'd love to.

Walter Crow Horse: Raymond Levoi-Little Wiener, Federal Bureau of Interpretation. You snuck up on me like a real city Indian!