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Ethan Gold (Character)
from "Queer as Folk" (2000)

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"Queer as Folk: Stop Hurting Us (#3.7)" (2003)
Justin: [after finding out about Ethan cheating on him... ripping up the roses from their date] I wanna be with someone who only wants to be with me... someone I can be with forever. Crock of shit.
Ethan: I meant it.
Justin: Yeah, I'm sure you did the second you were saying it.
Ethan: Christ, look what you're doing to your hands.
Justin: Oh, so fucking what. You're a *liar.*
Ethan: I didn't want to hurt you.
Justin: That is so laughably, so pathetically lame, I am not even gonna comment on it... try something else.
Ethan: I was... I was covering my ass.
Justin: That's better... go on.
Ethan: I was alone, you weren't there...
Justin: Now it's my fault.
Ethan: That's not what I mean. I missed you.
Justin: So, since you couldn't bare to be without me for one fucking night, you decide to pick up some drooling admirer?
Ethan: Basically, yes.
Justin: So tell me, Mr. Gold, as a last minute replacement, how'd he do? Did he kneel at your feet and worship your huge talent? Did he marvel at your magnificent fingering? Th-th-the way you stroke your bow, leave him breathless?
Ethan: It was one stupid mistake! Look how many times you forgave Brian!
Justin: [throwing the rest of the tattered roses on the ground] I *never* forgave Brian! I never had to... because he never promised me anything. You did.
[walks away and takes of the promise Ethan gave him]
Ethan: I need you. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you.
Justin: Oh, I'm sure you'll survive. After all you still have your music. That's the only thing you ever really loved.

Justin: To the New York phil.
Ethan: And the London phil, and the Vienna phil, and the Berlin phil and the quick, name another phil.
Justin: Phil Farnsworth? We were in the seventh grade together.
Ethan: To Phil Farnsworth, wherever he may be.