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Nathan Maloney (Character)
from "Queer as Folk: Episode #2.1" (2000)

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"Queer as Folk: Episode #2.1" (2000)
Nathan Maloney: But you're coming back, though...?
Stuart Allen Jones: What, come back to this? The ghetto: alleyways stinking of piss, beggars in every doorway, straights and students coming to look at the freak show, and all the idiots saving all week, saving their stupid money from their stupid idiot jobs so they can come and shoot their load with some stranger. And just you look after it, this stupid little street. It's the middle of the world. Cos on a street like this, every single night, anyone can meet anyone. And every single night, someone meets someone.
Vince Tyler: It's all yours now; all of them -- all the poofs and all the dykes, and all the people in between. And this lot, they'll shag ya. They'll rob ya. Some of them might even love ya. And they'll all forget you in the end. Just stick with your friends -- you'll be fine.
Stuart Allen Jones: You fuck it up, and I'll come back