Morris Day
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Morris Day (Character)
from Purple Rain (1984)

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Graffiti Bridge (1990)
Morris Day: If you want something done right, hire good people to do it for you!

Morris Day: Jerome... Please tell this woman her account's overdrawn at my bank.
Jerome: Robin, stop asking for so much money!
Robin: Stop asking for money? Boy, I own a part of this joint! If it weren't for my daddy's money, y'all niggas would still be shootin' dice down at the Glam Slam! Shit, you've got some nerve talkin'...
Morris Day: Robin... Honey... Sweetheart... Baby, please! You see this?
[turns and aims his rear end to Robin, patting it twice]
Morris Day: Take a week off and kiss it all!

Morris Day: Name?
Aura: Aura.
Morris Day: Mmm... Lovely! Where'd you get that ass?
Aura: Same place you got your manners.
Morris Day: Jerome... where'd I get my manners?
Jerome: Same place she got that ass.
Morris Day: And where was that?
Jerome: Mama.
Morris Day: That's right, baby. Yo' mama!

Morris Day: You know, this plant looks kinda... thirsty.
Morris Day: [singing] A, B, C, D, E, F, G... H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O...
Morris Day: [unzips his pants and urinates on the plant] P!

Robin: So what's up with you and this half-and-half bitch? Am I number one, or number two? Tell me now, 'cause I really don't have time for this shit!
Morris Day: You better put some treble on that tone, or you're gonna be pullin' some Stacy Adams out yo' ass!

Morris Day: [after the Kid and his band perform "tick, tick, bang" in front of the Pandemonium] Whoever battles me... you better bring an army!
The Time: Better bring an army, sho'nuff!
[laughing all the way back into the Pandemonium]

Morris Day: [to the Kid, rosponding to his challenge] You can't battle me, son. You still wet behind the ears!
Jimmy Jam (The Time): Wet behind the ears!
Jellybean Johnson (The Time): Psyche!
Morris Day: You still got the price tag on ya.
The Time: Yount!
Morris Day: Don't you know who I am?
The Time: Yount, yount!
Morris Day: I wrote the book!
The Time: Yount, yount, yount!
Morris Day: I cook young brothers like you and...
Morris Day: ... spit out the seeds!
The Time: [a member stomps the floor] Mmm!
Morris Day: I don't need you; I'm the one YOU need.
The Time: YOU need!
Morris Day: I took you in... when you was down and out!
The Time: Down and out!
Morris Day: I gave you money...
The Time: Mmm?
Morris Day: Money!
The Time: Mmm!
Morris Day: And now you think YOU got clout? You can't battle me, baby! I'll kick yo' little ass and have you runnin' home to mama, good-and-plenty fast!

Morris Day: [to a drunken Aura, before the take her for a ride] Sexiness to the left of you...
Jerome: Sexiness to the right!
Morris Day: It's all about the pimp sandwich tonight!
[Morris and Jerome cackle]

Purple Rain (1984)
Morris: Your lips would make a lollipop too happy.

[Watching his girl group rehearse a dance routine]
Morris: Oh, Lord. Cut! Cut!
Morris: You ladies don't seem to realize how valuable my time is. You're going to make my boys look bad!
Jill: Why don't you let us come up with our own steps?
[Jerome shakes his head violently]
Morris: We tried that, remember? Now, you're in the best possible position you could be in. So what's the matter? Your shoes on too tight or something?
Morris: Let's have some action! Let's have some asses wigglin'... I want some perfection!
[Cackles, cues music]
Morris: [Girls start dancing again, more seductively]
Morris: [watching; sotto to Jerome] I think I'm gonna need a drink.

Morris: [after Prince's dad shoots himself] Bang, bang!

Morris: Okay. What's the password?
Jerome: You got it.
Morris: Got what?
Jerome: The password.
Morris: The password is what?
Jerome: Exactly.
Morris: The password is exactly?
Jerome: No, it's okay.
Morris: The password is okay?
Jerome: Far as I'm concerned.
Morris: Damn it, say the password!
Jerome: What.
Morris: Say the password, onion head!
Jerome: The password is what?
Morris: [frustrated] That's what I'm asking you!
Jerome: [more frustrated] It's the password!
Morris: The password is it?
Jerome: [exasperated] Ahhhhh! The password is what!
Morris: It! You just said so!
Jerome: The password isn't it! The password is?
Morris: What?
Jerome: Got it!
Morris: I got it?
Jerome: Right.
Morris: It or right?

Morris: [to the Kid as the Revolution leave and the Time takes the stage] Why don't you stay awhile, see how it's done?

Morris: [slurring] Oh, Lord... Either somebody put something in my drink, or you're the finest motherfucker I've seen in ages!
Apollonia: I'm sorry, what did you say?
Morris: [clearer] You look nice tonight.