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The Kid (Character)
from Purple Rain (1984)

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Purple Rain (1984)
Apollonia: Will you help me?
The Kid: No.
Apollonia: Pardon me?
The Kid: Nope... Wanna know why?
Apollonia: Nope.
The Kid: Because you wouldn't pass the initiation.
Apollonia: What initiation?
The Kid: Well, for starters, you have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.
Apollonia: What?
The Kid: You have to purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka.
[She strips down, and runs towards the lake]
The Kid: Hey! Wait a minute! That's...
[She jumps in. She gets out shivering]
The Kid: Uh, hold it...
Apollonia: What?
The Kid: That ain't Lake Minnetonka.

[after jumping in cold water, Apollonia is getting dressed and The Kid rides up to her]
The Kid: Come on, let's go.
Apollonia: I'm not going anywhere, that was a rotten thing to do.
The Kid: I'm sorry. I tried to stop you.
[She looks at him]
Apollonia: I must have looked pretty ridiculous.
The Kid: No, no! You looked great. That took some nerve, I wouldn't have got in that water. Come on.
[She attempts to get on the motorcycle, he drives away]
Apollonia: Hey!
The Kid: Come on.
[She attempts to get on the motorcycle again, he drives away again]
Apollonia: COME ON!
The Kid: OK, ok.
[She gets on]
The Kid: Don't get my seat all wet.

Wendy-The Revolution: [Playing ironically the melody of "Let's Go Crazy" on the guitar] You like that ? Is that better?
The Kid: [Vexed] Where is everybody?
Lisa-The Revolution: You're late. They left.
The Kid: So what are you doing here?
Lisa-The Revolution: [Parodying the Kid's speech at the beginning of "Let's Go Crazy"] "But I'm here to tell you, there's something else"... Our music.

Apollonia: [Attempting to lift off the Kid's shirt] King Kong ?
The Kid: [Repelling her attempt] Stop it!
[the Kid tries the same thing with her]
Apollonia: No.

The Kid: Is that yours?
Father: Of course it's mine. Who's else would it be?

Father: You have no business leavin' this house, you're always sneaking around! You're a Goddamn sinner!
Mother: Shut Up, you don't care about me.
Father: Don't I, keep the heat on?
Mother: I don't like it here, you never talk to me.
The Kid: Dad, please.
Father: What's the matter, with this house?
Mother: You're Crazy.
Father: Shut up!
[smacks Mother]
The Kid: Dad!
Mother: No.
Mother: I'm just, trapped here.
Father: You always, have a roof over your head.
Mother: You won't let me have, any fun.
Father: I can make you, happy. If you just believe in me. Yeah, if you just believe in me.
Mother: You never.
Father: I will die for you.

Father: Listen to me! You come home, when I say come home. You've got no business, in the streets!
Mother: Just leave me alone.
Father: Come here!
Mother: No!
Father: I said now! Do you hear me?
The Kid: Mom! Dad!
Father: You keep this place, clean!
The Kid: Please, Dad she's heard you.
Mother: He wants to kill me, he's crazy.
The Kid: Dad please!
Mother: Look, what he's doing to me.
Father: [Slaps The Kid]

The Kid: I'd like to dedicate this to my father, Francis L. It's a song the girls in the band wrote, Lisa and Wendy.
[the Revolution performs "Purple Rain"]

Billy: [irked by the Revolution's performance of "Darling Nikki"] What the fuck wrong with you, Kid?
The Kid: I ain't got time for your bullshit, Billy. What do you want?
Billy: This stage is no place for your personal shit, man!
The Kid: That's life, man.
Billy: Life, my ass, motherfucker! This is a business, and you too far gone to see that yet! I told you before, you're not packin' them in like you used to. No one digs your music but yourself.
The Kid: FUCK OFF!
Billy: Yeah, okay. Just like your old man.
[Kid gives Billy an offended look]
Billy: Look around you. No one's diggin' you. Oh, buddy, what a fuckin' waste. But, like father, like son.
The Kid: Lay off that.
Billy: Let me give you a piece of advice, junior: your music make sense to no one... but yourself.

The Kid: [referring to Appolonia's anklet] Gimme that... There on your boot.
Apollonia: [removes the anklet and gives it to the Kid, who then walks away with a smile] Hey, wait!
[walks after him]
Apollonia: Give it back to me!
The Kid: You can have it back later.
Apollonia: I want it back now, okay?
The Kid: Who gave it to you?
Apollonia: A person.
The Kid: Male or female?
Apollonia: Huh?
The Kid: [stops and turns around] You're lying. I can tell just by your reaction, you're lying. So you gave it to me; it's not yours anymore.
[smiles and walks away]

Father: You got a girlfriend?
The Kid: Yeah, I got a girlfriend.
Father: You gonna get married?
The Kid: I don't know.
Father: Never get married.

Jerome: [also irked by the "Darling Nikki" performance] That was fucked up, what you did, man. Morris doesn't like it, and I don't like it either.
The Kid: I don't care.
Jerome: It's obvious you don't have what it takes to get to the top. But just to show we're sympathetic to your problem...
[throws tickets to Kid]
Jerome: ... here's two tickets to tonight's show. Enjoy.
[walks off, then pokes his head back in the door]
Jerome: Don't forget to bring a girlfriend.
[blow kiss]

The Kid: Thank you for a funky time, call me up whenever you want to grind. Yeeaaah!

Graffiti Bridge (1990)
The Kid: [after singing a fake fanfare when Morris arrives at the club] The King has arrived!
[everyone laughs]

[first lines]
The Kid: Are there really angels, or are they just in our minds? It all comes out in the wash... in time.

The Kid: [pursuing Morris, Jerome and Aura] Pull over, boy!
Jerome: Man, look! The fool's following us! Rat patrol!

Aura: Have you ever been to Morris' club? It's really nice.
The Kid: On the outside, it's really nice. It's the inside I got a problem with.

The Kid: Maybe what I need is a sign. A green light that says, "It's okay. It's okay to continue. Somebody's up there listening." But it' hard to see green...
[paints a green streak on his wall]
The Kid: ... when there's so much blue.
[paints a blue streak over the green]

Aura: [Kid sits next to Aura with a heart-shaped notepad, draws a Hangman's noose and four spaces] A.
The Kid: [smiles and shakes his head, draws a circle for a head]
Aura: B.
The Kid: [draws a stick for a torso]
Aura: C.
The Kid: [draws two legs]
Aura: D.
The Kid: [draws two arms, a smile on the head, and fills in the four spaces with the letters M-I-N-E. Points to Aura, then points to the word "mine"]
Aura: No, baby...
[slowly raises her arm and points to the sky]
Aura: ... His.