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Thurlow (Character)
from The Madness of King George (1994)

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The Madness of King George (1994)
Thurlow: The cork's too tight in the bottle, that's the trouble. He must be the first King of England not to have a mistress.
Pitt: Fifteen children seem to me to indicate a certain conscientiousness in that regard.
Thurlow: I'm talking of pleasure, not duty.

Thurlow: The Prince of Wales cannot marry without the King's consent and he CANNOT marry a Catholic. You performed an illegal ceremony.
Clergyman: [indignantly] And they only give me ten pound for it.
Thurlow: Here's another ten pounds. Keep this to yourself.
[He gives the clergyman money and starts tearing the page from the register]
Clergyman: Here, you can't do that, it's against the law.
Thurlow: I *am* the law.

Thurlow: [to Dr. Willis] King Lear; do you think that is wise?
Dr. Willis: I did not know what the play was about.

Pitt: We consider ourselves blessed in our constitution. We tell ourselves our Parliament is the envy of the world. But we live in the health and well-being of the sovereign as much as any vizier does the Sultan.
[Pitt exits]
Thurlow: [to Dundas] The Sultan orders it better. He has the son and heir strangled.

Thurlow: [referring to the Prince of Wales] It takes character to withstand the rigours of indolence.

Thurlow: Your Majesty seems more yourself.
George III: Do I? Yes, I do. I've always been myself, even when I was ill. Only now I seem myself. And that's the important thing. I have remembered how to seem.