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Alan Weiss (Character)
from Chasing Liberty (2004)

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Chasing Liberty (2004)
Cynthia Morales: Love is not always that easy, Anna.
Alan Weiss: Nothing worth getting ever is.

Cynthia Morales: No, no, no, let me ask you something, Weiss. Do you actually get women like this? I was really curious if there were actually women out there in the world who walk by the construction lunch break which is your very personality and say: "Oh, yeah, please. Baby, give it to me. Give me some of that hard hat, right here, right now." There are actually women like that?
Alan Weiss: A couple.

Alan Weiss: To answer your queston, no, I don't get women like that. I haven't actually had a girlfriend since... well let's just say that women stopped beating down my door the same time that the bangs stopped covering the receding hair line.

Cynthia Morales: Well maybe you should stop overcompensating, you're a good looking... I mean you look fine some women like a bald head.
Alan Weiss: I am not bald yet.
Cynthia Morales: I'm just saying maybe you should embrace it. You could cut it real short... some women like that they find it sexy.

Cynthia Morales: [looking at Weiss hair that is short]
Alan Weiss: What? What?
Cynthia Morales: You did this for me right?
Alan Weiss: [pointing at his hair] This? no I didn't do this for you.
Cynthia Morales: Really?
Alan Weiss: I got tired of styling it so...
Cynthia Morales: Oh... Okay because it is kind of sexy.
[both smile and they kiss]

Alan Weiss: You know, it's not enough just to be a beauty Morales, you have to be able to appreciate beauty too.