Mrs. Mamie Dubcek
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Mrs. Mamie Dubcek (Character)
from "3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996)

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"3rd Rock from the Sun: 36! 24! 36! Dick!: Part 2 (#3.15)" (1998)
Mamie Dubcek: I used to be a cheerleader but they threw me off the team because I forgot to wear underwear... occasionally.
[Don, Judith and Rico drink deeply from their beers]

"3rd Rock from the Sun: Brains and Eggs (#1.1)" (1996)
Harry Solomon: Okay, so meat loaf is bread crumbs, spices, and ground beef?
Mrs. Mamie Dubcek: That's it.
Harry Solomon: And ground beef is essentially nothing more than a cow?
Mrs. Mamie Dubcek: Yeah.
Harry Solomon: Well, doesn't it scream when they stuff it in the grinder?

"3rd Rock from the Sun: Why Dickie Can't Teach (#6.6)" (2000)
Mamie Dubcek: You know what they say... 'Under every great man lies a great woman'.
Officer Don: Don't you mean "behind"?
Mamie Dubcek: Ohhh, you're dirty!

"3rd Rock from the Sun: Tom, Dick and Mary (#3.10)" (1997)
Harry Solomon: Thinking thinking, thinking hard! I know what the answer is, I got it! No that can't be I'm so wrong! I would now but it'd be wrong.
Mrs. Mamie Dubcek: Thinking thinking, thinking hard! What's the use? I've burned Too many braincells! Maybe I'll just fantasize; look at Alex and close my eyes!