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Bug Pollone (Character)
from "3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996)

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"3rd Rock from the Sun: Fourth and Dick (#2.7)" (1996)
Dr. Dick Solomon: Ah, yes, the 'Big Game'. God forbid your intellectual development should get in the way of the 'Big Game'. The fate of humanity rests on the outcome of the 'Big Game'.
Bug Pollone: Is he being sarcastic?

"3rd Rock from the Sun: See Dick Run (#1.20)" (1996)
[in the classroom]
Caryn: Dr. Solomon, are you okay?
Dr. Dick Solomon: I can't talk about it, it's too personal. Let's just say... I had sex with Dr. Albright.
Bug Pollone: Dr. Solomon, we don't need to know about this.
Dr. Dick Solomon: Oh, that's where you're wrong Bug. You might learn something.