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Quotes for
Paul Bladden (Character)
from The Paper (1994)

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The Paper (1994)
Henry: I realize this doesn't exactly get us off on the right foot.
Paul Bladden, New York Sentinel: The right foot, are you out of your mind? The offer is rescinded. How stupid do you think we are? What do you think I get when I put two and two together? Three? Three and a half?
Henry: Look, I'm trying to be reasonable here, and just let me...
Paul Bladden, New York Sentinel: Why don't you just take my wallet as well?
Henry: Let me talk. Let me say something, wait a m...
Paul Bladden, New York Sentinel: Well, I hope you're satisfied, asshole! You just blew your chance to cover the world!
Henry: Really? Well guess fucking what? I don't really fucking care. You wanna know fucking why? Because I don't fucking live in the fucking world! I live in fucking New York City! So go fuck yourself!
[Henry slams down telephone back on the receiver]
Janet, Henry's Secretary: You handled that well.
Henry: Thank you.

Paul Bladden, New York Sentinel: The Sedona item. you stole it right off my desk!
Henry: Uh...
Paul Bladden, New York Sentinel: Uh, uh, uh, my ass!