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Emmanuelle (Character)
from Emmanuelle (1974)

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Emmanuelle IV (1984)
Donna: [Emmanuelle's first time with her psychiatrist] Stay calm. You must rest. You are still frail.
Emmanuelle IV: I have only one wish, Dona: My freedom.
Donna: But you may do as you wish.
Emmanuelle IV: And what if I decide to?
Donna: Decide to do what?
Emmanuelle IV: To make love to all of Brazil.
[Emmanuelle strips off]
Emmanuelle IV: So I offend you.
Donna: No, you don't offend me.
Donna: I'm here to listen and help, not to judge you.
Emmanuelle IV: If you find me pretty, tell me. I need it, you know.
Donna: Yes, objectively, you're pretty.
Emmanuelle IV: What does that mean? Do you never get involved? Instead of answering, you avoid it every time.
Donna: That's not my business. I'm not here to talk about myself.
Emmanuelle IV: We have the same age. Answer me, do you find me pretty?
Donna: We'll have to go now, come. I'll take care of your luggage.
Emmanuelle IV: My luggage? It's my past.
[both run]

Emmanuelle IV: But is love still love when you can measure it?

Emmanuelle IV: Pleasure that escapes just as quickly as it comes.

Emmanuelle IV: They say you never bathe twice in the same river. Water changes relentlessly. But the river moves, true to itself.

Emmanuelle IV: The embrace that takes us far away from this world. The cry of ecstasy that tears you away from yourself.

Emmanuelle IV: Do you love love? Does it love you? The soft dizziness of bodies,the climax of a dream.

Emmanuelle IV: So l went from party to party,trying to forget Marc. But love, real love,when you've found it is it something you can leave behind, no matter how long the road?

Emmanuelle IV: Nothing wrong with an appetite for sex at times with no love.

Emmanuelle IV: A young girl sleeping there seemed to have the face of an angel. But maybe she was possessed by demons deep down. The very same l could feel moving about deep down inside me.

Emmanuelle IV: I will ask you a question that no woman asks a man: Do you make love with the lights on, or in the dark?

Emmanuelle IV: l will ask you a question, that no woman asks a man: Do you make love with the lights on, or in the dark?

Emmanuelle (1974)
Jean: You're not my possession, you're not my beauty. You are beauty. And l love you.
Emmanuelle: How far can true love go?
Jean: It wouldn't be true love if you could measure it.

Emmanuelle: Here, idleness is an art form.

Emmanuelle: l knew then that a cascade is only beautiful if you can say so to the one you love.

Emmanuelle: Basically eroticism is the opposite of making love.
Mario: It's notably through love that man strives to break with his daily existence. It's the victory of dreams over nature.

Emmanuelle: I wonder if I've been dreaming for quite some now.
Mario: It's because we're abroad. As exiles, we're reduced to futile pastimes. Napoleon passed the time on St Helena counting his spoons. One mustn't become resigned at any price. Here in Bangkok if you say that, everyone will agree. But if you talk of sex, then you will have sinned against our ancestral taboos. l'm a collector. It's a very respected occupation, collecting. I collect situations.

Emmanuelle 3 (1977)
Emmanuelle: A dress must always reveal enough.Just enough to tease men.

Emmanuelle: When I want something, I say so.
Grégory: That simplifies things.
Emmanuelle: Love is the only thing that interests me.

Grégory: I wouldn't want the woman I love to make love to someone else.
Emmanuelle: You prefer lying?
Grégory: In this case, yes.
Emmanuelle: You're quite bourgeois, after all.
Grégory: Loving someone who loves you is so very rare.

Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2003) (V)
Emmanuelle: [Howard is fighting Chuck] Howard! This isn't solving anything.
Howard: [still fighting Chuck] But it's making me feel better!

Emmanuelle: [She breathes deeply and strokes her body, after having experienced Howard's sex session with Stacy and Bambi] I like your fantasies, kid. Whoever you are.

Emmanuelle 4: Concealed Fantasy (1994) (TV)
Captain Haffron Williams: Why do you look like that?
Emmanuelle: Like what?
Captain Haffron Williams: Why do you lokk at them? The way you smile.
Emmanuelle: They are in love.
Captain Haffron Williams: But they are ugly.

Emmanuelle 5 (1987)
Emmanuelle: What's the matter? Why are you so shy? Have you never seen a naked woman before?
Charles D. Foster: No, I mean yes. I have seen a lot of naked women before.

Emmanuelle: First Contact (1994) (TV)
Emmanuelle: Gypsy men fascinate me.

Emmanuelle's Revenge (1993) (TV)
Old Emmanuelle: [after Mario talks about his World War II experiences] You are a spy!
Mario: Yes. You should've know me there. I was a cap of dynamite.