Norma Arnold
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Norma Arnold (Character)
from "The Wonder Years" (1988)

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"The Wonder Years: When Worlds Collide (#4.17)" (1991)
Norma Arnold: [as she walks to the other end of the kitchen to retrieve something] I went shopping for you today.
Kevin Arnold: You did?
Norma Arnold: Uh-huh.
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: [as Norma reaches into a large brown paper bag] Face it. The woman loved me.
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: [while Norma approaches, holding something behind her back] She knew me better than anyone in the world. Which was, of course, the problem.
Norma Arnold: Look!
[Norma holds up a pair of white briefs]
Norma Arnold: Underpants! Your favorite kind!
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: [as Kevin reacts with horror] She knew too much!

"The Wonder Years: The Wedding (#5.22)" (1992)
Norma Arnold: Michael! You're not supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress.
Karen Arnold: Mom, he's seen me naked.