Jack Arnold
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Jack Arnold (Character)
from "The Wonder Years" (1988)

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"The Wonder Years: Faith (#3.18)" (1990)
[Kevin has just asked his father to summarize his life]
Jack Arnold: I get up at 5am, I fight traffic, I bust my hump all day, I fight traffic again, and come home...
Jack Arnold: And I pay my taxes.

"The Wonder Years: Denial (#4.12)" (1991)
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: That night, I didn't feel like going home, facing the inevitable questions. It was only 9:30 so I thought I would hang out in the garage for a while. Maybe, spend the night there. Unfortunately, someone else was already hanging out in the garage.
[Kevin opens the door to the garage]
Kevin Arnold: Dad?
Jack Arnold: Hey.
[Kevin closes the door]
Kevin Arnold: What are you doing?
Jack Arnold: [Jack is fiddling with a piece to the lawnmower] I'm trying to get this damn mower repaired.
Kevin Arnold: [silence] You need any help?
Jack Arnold: Nah.
Jack Arnold: How are things going? With uh, Winnie, I mean?
Kevin Arnold: Uh, things are pretty much over with us, you know.
Jack Arnold: I guess it must hurt a lot doesn't it?
Kevin Arnold: I guess so.
Jack Arnold: I wish I could say it gets easier.
Kevin Arnold: Can we go inside?
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: But I knew I wasn't gonna make it inside.
[Kevin gives his dad a hug]
Jack Arnold: You just hang in there, now.