Wayne Arnold
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Wayne Arnold (Character)
from "The Wonder Years" (1988)

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"The Wonder Years: Private Butthead (#5.14)" (1992)
Wayne Arnold: Ow! I just cut my nose with this paperclip!

Wayne Arnold: Look, I'm not gonna be around to take care of you anymore. Well see, the thing is, even when I'm not around I'm gonna be around. I mean I want you to have fun, get into trouble. Just don't be 'obsequious' or 'phlegmatic' and when you think of me, don't be 'lugubrious'
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: Let's face it: the guy was no orator.

"The Wonder Years: Dinner Out (#5.8)" (1991)
Wayne Arnold: Happy birthday, Dad. You're not getting older. That'd be impossible.

"The Wonder Years: Lunch Stories (#5.18)" (1992)
Wayne Arnold: Some guys bet me twenty bucks I couldn't find out Maniac's real name.
Kevin Arnold: And you think a can of soda is gonna do it?
Wayne Arnold: No, no, no. This is just the icebreaker.
Kevin Arnold: You're out of your mind.
Wayne Arnold: Hey, for twenty bucks I'd lick the paint off our house with my tongue.
Kevin Arnold - The Narrator: I got news for you: a year later he did it for ten.