John Dixon
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John Dixon (Character)
from Get Real (1998)

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Get Real (1998)
John Dixon: Guess what?
Steven Carter: You're pregnant!

[after Steven Carter tells him he's gay]
John Dixon: Well fuck me! No, no, I don't mean... I just mean... fuck me... but not... well what I mean is...

John Dixon: [upon seeing Steven's wall covered in pictures of male soccer players] I didn't take you for a football fan.
Steven Carter: [smiles slyly] I'm not.
John Dixon: What do you mean, not a... oh.

John Dixon: Fag?
Steven Carter: W-what?
John Dixon: I mean, uh...
[holds out cigarette]
Steven Carter: Oh. Um. Sure.

John Dixon: [after propositioning Steven in a public bathroom] God, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me.
Steven Carter: [smiles] Here, it's usually a case of who came over you.

John Dixon: Listen... if you tell anyone, it's off. If anyone even starts to suspect, it's off!
Steven Carter: [eagerly] It's on then is it?
John Dixon: Of course it's on. I... I like you a lot.
Steven Carter: What about Christina?
John Dixon: No contest, you're a better kisser!
Steven Carter: Promise?
John Dixon: Promise
[Steven kisses John on the cheek]

John Dixon: You need a shave.
Steven Carter: I shaved last month.
Steven Carter: [John laughs]