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Lord Palmerston (Character)
from Victoria the Great (1937)

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"Edward the King: An Experiment in Education (#1.2)" (1975)
Lord Palmerston: I trust Your Majesty has recovered?
Queen Victoria: Sufficiently well. The birth was less painful than usual. Doctor Snow gave me chloroform.
Lord Palmerston: The Church disapproves of it, I believe.
Queen Victoria: The Church is run by men.

"Edward the King: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes (#1.5)" (1975)
Lord Palmerston: Only three people ever really understood the Schleswig-Holstein question. One of them was a German professor and he's gone mad, another was the Prince Consort and he's dead, and the third was myself. And I've forgotten all about it.

Victoria the Great (1937)
Lord Palmerston: We must face the fact that the prince is the best hated man in the country.
Prince Albert: And you the best loved?
Lord Palmerston: That would at least give Your Highness and myself something in common - to be opposite ends of the same stick.
Queen Victoria: Lord Palmerston, we are not amused!