Baroness Lehzen
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Baroness Lehzen (Character)
from Victoria & Albert (2001) (TV)

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The Young Victoria (2009)
[Watson smiles and giggles as she hears to laughter from inside newly-married Victoria and Albert's room]
Baroness Lehzen: Have you woken Her Majesty?
Watson: No ma'am.
Baroness Lehzen: Don't you think you should?
Watson: No ma'am. Not this morning I don't.

Sir John Conroy: You are very intent, Baroness. Are you making a study of me?
Baroness Lehzen: Someone should.

"Victoria: The Queen's Husband (#1.6)" (2016)
Victoria: I was wondering if i wanted things to stay just as they are, for perhaps a year or so... how might I do that? I keep thinking about poor Princess Charlotte.
Baroness Lehzen: Of course majesty, I am inexperienced in these matters.
Victoria: Of course.
Baroness Lehzen: But my sister is married and she writes to me very frankly.
[Lehzen whispers something in Victoria's ear]
Victoria: *Ten* times?