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John Brown (Character)
from Mrs Brown (1997)

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Mrs Brown (1997)
Queen Victoria: [Queen spills water down her front]
John Brown: Honest to God woman, I never thought I'd see you in such a state, you must miss him dreadfully.
Queen Victoria: You do not! - he- Get him out!
[heads towards door]
Queen Victoria: GET HIM OUT! GET HIM OUT!

[reporters and photographers are hiding, trying to get clandestine photos of the Queen and Brown. Brown smells a rat and goes off to investigate]
Journalist: Where'd he go?
John Brown: [appearing right next to them] THIS CLOSE ENOUGH FOR YOU BOYS?

John Brown: You tell *Her Majesty* that if her husband were here he'd tell her to get out of the house and get some air into her lungs.

John Brown: We were due in at 1.15. You're late.

John Brown: All I wanted to tell her was how I feel for God's sake!
Archie Brown: You don't tell Her Majesty how you feel

Queen Victoria: Mr Brown.
John Brown: Yes, ma'am.
Queen Victoria: You have been told repeatedly not to stand in the courtyard unless requested to do so.
John Brown: Yes, ma'am.
Queen Victoria: Then why do you persist in doing it?
John Brown: Because I think Her Majesty is wrong. If ever there was a poor soul who needed fresh air, it is her.
Queen Victoria: The Queen will ride out if and when she chooses.
John Brown: And I intend to be there when she's ready.

John Brown: You could buy that lot for garden ornaments and still see change from ten guineas.

John Brown: It's only grief makes her like she is.
Archie Brown: Three years, John. Is that not a bit long to be grieving?
John Brown: She loved him.
Archie Brown: Come on, man. There's love and there's...
John Brown: What?
Archie Brown: You know what I mean.
John Brown: I'm not sure I do, Archie.
Archie Brown: There's love and there's behaving like you do because there's nobody to tell you not to.

John Brown: If I catch the miserable by-blow who told those men where she'd be, then I'll hang his balls to dry on Jock Wemyss, so I will!

John Brown: If I find out that you had anything to do with this, I will have you sacked.
Henry Ponsonby: I believe that decision rests with Her Majesty.
John Brown: Don't think I can't persuade her.

Queen Victoria: Duty? You talk about duty?
John Brown: If duty and safety are served by the same end then, aye, I do.
Queen Victoria: I cannot believe you are saying this? You, who I have relied on all this time.
John Brown: Have I ever let you down before?
Queen Victoria: You stand there and tell me it is my duty. After all you promised me!
John Brown: I'm breaking no promises!
Queen Victoria: You are forcing me to do the very thing you know I fear most!
John Brown: For god's sake, woman, I'm just trying to keep you safe!
Queen Victoria: I will not hear any more about my safety! You made me a promise and now you have broken it!
John Brown: When I took you out riding, come rain or shine, because I knew it was right for you, when I kept the bairns off your back so you could have a bit of peace, when I saw you safe from home to home and you didn't even knowI was there. All I've ever thought about is you!
Queen Victoria: Then why send me back to them?
John Brown: Because I have to! Will you no listen to me, woman?
Queen Victoria: Do not presume to talk to your Queen in that manner.

[first lines]
John Brown: God save the Queen!
[shoots into the dark]

John Brown: I'm Her Majesty's Highland servant! Indoors and out. There's no stoppin' me now.

Henry Ponsonby: We are, all of us, subject to forces beyond our control, Mr Brown. Even you.
John Brown: You'll regret saying that.

Prince of Wales (Bertie): I wish to see my mother.
John Brown: She's busy.
Prince of Wales (Bertie): Then convey her a message.
John Brown: She's away to Windsor tomorrow. Talk to her there.
Prince of Wales (Bertie): Tell her the Prince of Wales wishes to speak with her urgently about matters concerning the press.
John Brown: Are you deaf as well as stupid?
Prince of Wales (Bertie): What did you say?
John Brown: I said, Are you deaf as well as stupid?
Prince of Wales (Bertie): Do you know who you address, sir?
John Brown: "Whom" you address.
Prince of Wales (Bertie): [angrily] Get out of my way!
John Brown: [pinning him to the wall] Why don't you just leave us alone?

John Brown: Do you hunt?
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: Mmm, occasionally.
John Brown: Daresay we could have you taught.
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: To shoot, perhaps, but not to kill.
John Brown: If you hunt, you hunt to kill.
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: Well, then, I'll do my best.

John Brown: I promised to protect her - from people like you.
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: [chuckling] For once in my life, I'm not the issue.
John Brown: She'll never understand it.
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: Oh, in time she will.
John Brown: She'll think I've betrayed her.
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: But others will know that you acted for the greater good.

The Mudlark (1950)
Wheeler, the Mudlark: [asking about going to meet the queen] Are you sure it's all right, sir?
John Brown: What?
Wheeler, the Mudlark: You're a bit sozzled, ain't ya, sir?
John Brown: Sozzled?
Wheeler, the Mudlark: Yes sir, you've been in the bottle a bit, you know?
John Brown: [rises to his feet a bit unsteadily] Only enough to keep off infection, laddie.