Angelo Martelli
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Angelo Martelli (Character)
from "Fame" (1982)

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"Fame: Teachers (#2.5)" (1982)
Bruno Martelli: Dad, stop it.
Angelo Martelli: What? I wasn't doing anything.
Bruno Martelli: You're thinking. I can tell. Please, don't.
Angelo Martelli: Thinking is wrong?

Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky: You're a stupid, irritating jackass.
Angelo Martelli: I love you too.

Bruno Martelli: Excuse me, but isn't that an old cliché?
Angelo Martelli: They don't make new clichés.

"Fame: Sunshine Again (#2.15)" (1983)
Bruno Martelli: Next Friday night?
Angelo Martelli: Yeah, you know, two weeks from last Friday.

"Fame: Class Act (#2.4)" (1982)
Bruno Martelli: Look, Pop, you know I'm not goonna be a conductor. Shorofsky knows I'm not goonna be a conductor. I know I'm not goonna be a conductor. Why should I study conducting?
Angelo Martelli: It's like Latin.
Bruno Martelli: And what you said is like Greek.

"Fame: Friendship Day (#2.18)" (1983)
Angelo Martelli: [on phone] Mrs. Miller, are you lying as much as I am?
Mrs. Charlotte Miller: [on other line] Oh, you bet.

"Fame: A Musical Bridge (#1.13)" (1982)
Angelo Martelli: It is not a summer festival behind this wheel.
Bruno Martelli: Hah! I'm hip.

"Fame: Homecoming (#2.11)" (1982)
Doris Schwartz: If I asked you to give me a hug, a fatherly hug, what would you say?
Angelo Martelli: I wouldn't say a thing.
[opens his arms]

Fame (1980)
Angelo: [Starts playing his son's tape on top of loudspeakers on his cab] My son's music! My son Bruno, Bruno Martelli, he wrote the music! Today 46th street, tomorrow Madison Square Garden!